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English Daisy Flower - Bellis perennis - ACT - Austalia - 20160830 @ 12:31

English Daisy Flower - Bellis perennis - ACT - Austalia - 20160830 @ 12:31

When researching English Daisy Flowers on-line, I got the feeling that there wasn't a whole lot of love for them. Yet I found this example to be very colorful and cheery.

This macro photograph shows some of the details of the flowerhead that are common to all daisies - i.e., members of the Asteraceae family. An alternate name for this family is "Compositae" which relates to the morphology whereby the flower heads are a composite of many individual flowers. Each of the gold/yellow colored structures is a disk or tubular flower. By looking closely, I can see the stigmas, anthers and petals. The crimson/red colored structures are ray or ligulate flowers. In this photograph, I can only see the red petals and not the other elements of a flower.





[ Location - Braddon, Australian Capital Territory, Australia ]

Photography notes ...
The photograph was taken using the following hardware configuration ...
(Year of manufacture indicated in braces where known.)
- Hasselblad 500C/M body (1994).
- Hasselblad CFV-50c Digital Back for Hasselblad V mount camera.
- Hasselblad Focusing Screen for the CFV-50c digital back, with focussing prism and crop markings.
- Hasselblad 45 Degree Viewfinder PME-45 42297 (2001).
- Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lens - Planar T* 80mm f2.8 CFE (2000).
- FotodioX B60 Lens Hood for Select Hasselblad Standard Length CF Lenses.
- Hasselblad Extension Tube 56E (56mm) for 200 and 500 Series - MFR # 30 40656.

I acquired the photograph (8272 x 6200 pixels) with an ISO of 800, exposure time of 1/500 seconds, and aperture of f/11.0

Post-processing ...
Finder - Removed the CF card from the camera digital back and placed it in a Lexar 25-in-1 USB card reader. Then used Finder on my MacBook Air to download the raw image file (3FR extension) from the card.
Lightroom - Imported the 3FR image.
Lightroom - Used the Map module to add the location details to the EXIF header.
Lightroom - Applied various basic lighting and color adjustments in the Develop module.
Lightroom - Saved the Develop module settings as preset 20160911-001.
Lightroom - Applied a square (1:1 aspect ratio) crop.
Lightroom - Saved the result as preset 20160911-002.
Lightroom - Output the image as a JPEG image using the "Maximum" quality option (3268 x 3268 pixels).
PhotoSync - Copied the JPEG file to my iPad Mini for any final processing, review, enjoyment, and posting to social media.

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Photo taken on 30 August 2016 (© MomentsForZen / Flickr)

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