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What if... Gathering Clouds  (Astrum FN-64) Macro Monday - Printed Word Approved by Inspector No. 286 -[ HMM ]- Milky Way at Beverley, Western Australia Port sheds of the Douro  (Astrum Foto 100) Upper Deck  (Acros 100) Summer in North Bali Chic  (FP4+) Milky Way at Z Bend in Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia Milky Way at Herron Point, Western Australia Feather - Looking close...on Friday Milky Way at Boddington in Western Australia Milky Way at Beverley, Western Australia Macro Monday - patterns in nature Milky Way at Windy Harbour, Western Australia Colmenar del Arroyo, puente del Caño. Milky Way at Elephant Rocks - Denmark, Western Australia Foz, Lugo. happiness is only a fair weather friend 🐾💨 Milky Way rising above Herron Point, Western Australia Blooming Marvellous Puentedeume. Milky Way at Salmon Beach - Windy Harbour, Western Australia Pentolaccia Italia Pentolaccia Italia Pentolaccia Italia Blue - Looking close...on Friday! Cuando el Gato Busca la Sombra