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American Snout - overwintering (yesterday)

American Snout - overwintering (yesterday)

We went to the wetlands late yesterday to see if anything was stirring ... and found a Shadow darner (!), two overwintering Snouts basking in the late-day sun, and one skipper. Plus some hoppers & plenty of mosquitoes. We had spooked the darner from his sunny perch - so we froze as he danced around a tree, waiting for him to perch. But alas - he didn't like us there and finally took off, never to be seen again. I've seen a few Shadow darners out there this Fall but haven't managed to get a shot of any of them. They fly in circles! Impossible to shoot unless they perch. And he could be the last one I see. Lots of white frost below us in the low areas this morning (35o on our therm). Have a great Friday!

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Photo prise le 16 novembre 2017 (© Vicki's Nature / Flickr)

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