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24 December 2014 Photos

Hawaiian Blizzard Model van het planetenstelsel Loops of the Planets in 1729 Europe as a Queen Kaart van Azië Happy Lady with a Grumpy Cat Unnamed Mercurian Crater 1 Saturn as a Crescent Unnamed Mercurian Crater 2 Top of the Cone Nebula 2 Sagittarius Star Cloud SWEEPS Star Cloud Survey M81 The Cliffs of Churyumov–Gerasimenko Top of the Cone Nebula 1 North Pole, 23 December 2014 Water Drops on a Windshield 4 Water Drops on a Windshield 3 Mushroom Friends Mushroom with Oak Leaves Nibbled Mushroom Stubborn Persimmon Cat Weather Vane Chocolate Mud Puddle Foggy Planet Fractal Oak Tree Branches Foggy Panorama Southern Panorama Yuba Washington National Cathedral
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