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They Chose Water Polo

They Chose Water Polo

We moved to the USA just over 8 years ago from Japan.

Once here in Irvine I told my boys that they *must* do swim team (for several reasons: #1: they've both been swimming since 6 *months* old, #2: I'm an avid swimmer/surfer and wanted them to have the same swim skills I have).

Also told them to pick a team sport that involved a ball...they both chose (American) Football.

Fast forward a week and I take them for their swim assessment at NOVA (ubiquitous in Irvine as one of the premier swim clubs). On one side of the pool a water polo practice was going on; both of them were *TRANSFIXED* as if watching a video game.

In unison (I swear) they both asked if they can do that as their (ball) team sport.

I replied: If you do this, you don't need to do swim club!

Picture of a 9y/o Travus and *5* y/o Austin about to initiate their foray into Water Polo way back in 2011.

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Photo taken @ C on 19 September 2011 (© /\ltus / Flickr)

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