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SML Appendectomy: First ER Bill / 2008-01-09

SML Appendectomy: First ER Bill / 2008-01-09

The first hospital I went to originally is not the NewYork-Presbyterian. I went to the Brooklyn Hospital Center at first because it was the closest to my home. (Note that the billing address here is different than the hospital, which is just a few blocks away from my DUMBO apartment.)

Towards the early evening, when my doctors had determined that the surgery is necessary, I consulted with my sister, who is a medical doctor, and decided that it's best that we check ourselves out against medical advice and admit ourselves into a hospital we trust more (Cornell Weill Medical School / New York Presbyterian Hospital) for the major operation.

I was stunned to see how expensive the stay was when I received my medical bill today, particularly because this admission involves so surgery whatsoever—I'd be curious to see what my bill would be from NYP! I have medical insurance so I ended up paying just a fraction of the price.

America is one of the few countries in the world that does not have public healthcare, and this gives just a glimpse of how this issue ought to be addressed. If I were an American who does not have insurance (which applies to many low-income families), my recent operation would have made me bankrupt.

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Photo taken on 17 January 2008 (© See-ming Lee (SML) / Flickr)

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