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U.S., Mexican Marines stand security during an integrated squad exercise during Rim of the Pacific exercise Annual 3rd Marine Division squad competition continues in Okinawa Okinawa-based U.S. Marines participate in annual squad competition Marines awarded for heroic actions in Japan U.S. Marines, Australian and Chinese soldiers conduct opening ceremony for exercise Kowari Exercise Hamel Underway in Australia 151029-M-GC438-003 151007-M-SV584-077 150919-M-JT438-051 150724-M-SV584-115 150531-M-SV584-076 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-112 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-023 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-167 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-248 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-010 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-015 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-026 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-033 USS Anchorage (LPD 23)_150716-M-TJ275-041 150721-M-SV584-100 150707-M-SV584-167 150919-M-JT438-114 150919-M-JT438-097 150531-M-SV584-062 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-011 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-096 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-133 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-013 150721-M-SV584-057
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