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U.S. Marines fast-rope onto the flight deck during a simulated visit, board, search, and seizure mission aboard USS Rushmore. Rotorwash USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-013 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-026 U.S. Marines compete in live fire training during 3rd Marine Division annual squad competition on Okinawa Annual 3rd Marine Division squad competition continues in Okinawa Down N' Dirty U.S. Marines train Papua New Guinea soldiers during Exercise Koa Moana U.S. Marines, Australian forces conduct Exercise Predator Strike 151007-M-SV584-053 150919-M-JT438-114 150919-M-JT438-097 150919-M-JT438-051 Loading Up 150724-M-SV584-115 150531-M-SV584-062 150531-M-SV584-076 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-059 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-121 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-011 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-013 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-096 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-204 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-248 USS Anchorage (LPD 23)_150716-M-TJ275-041 150721-M-SV584-040 150721-M-SV584-100 150721-M-SV584-105 150707-M-SV584-198 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit_150701-M-TJ275-068
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