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Annual 3rd Marine Division squad competition continues in Okinawa Rotorwash 151007-M-SV584-053 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-121 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-013 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-198 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-026 150721-M-SV584-040 150721-M-SV584-105 U.S. Marines compete in live fire training during 3rd Marine Division annual squad competition on Okinawa U.S. Marines, Australian and Chinese soldiers conduct opening ceremony for exercise Kowari 150919-M-JT438-114 150919-M-JT438-097 150919-M-JT438-051 150919-M-JT438-097 Loading Up 150724-M-SV584-115 150531-M-SV584-062 150531-M-SV584-076 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-059 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-011 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-023 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-204 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-010 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150709-M-SV584-013 USS Anchorage (LPD 23)_150716-M-TJ275-041 150707-M-SV584-167 150603-M-TJ275-002 150603-M-TJ275-002 The Morning Commute
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