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F-16 Fighting Falcons fly in the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex beside a KC-135 Stratotanker Over Afghanistan Over Afghanistan Over Afghanistan Over Afghanistan 180505-F-ZU607-0218 Iowa National Guard Iowa National Guard 170306-F-WJ663-1151 South Carolina National Guard 41 Red Flag Alaska Soldiers complete a static line jump from a U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules during RED FLAG-Alaska U.S., Japanese forces train together during RED FLAG-Alaska 19-2 Red Flag Jump U.S. Army Soldiers attach a M119A3 Howitzer to a UH-60 Black Hawk to sling load to another location 180509-F-ZU607-0060 180430-F-ER377-1026 180430-F-ZD147-0001 180430-F-ZD147-0001 180501-F-DH501-1015 101123-F-5751H-115 120307-F-RH756-599 Counter-IED tactis with the Djiboutian Armed Forces 150213-F-XT249-285 101224-F-5751H-272 110127-F-1644L-281 110226-F-DT527-240 100614-F-0623L-237 100616-F-0623L-504
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