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Baldwin 2-8-0 locomotive at Camp Pullman, France 11-9-18 NARA111-SC-57992 Baldwin locomotive at Camp Pullman, France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57928 Baldwin locomotive at Camp Pullman, La Rochelle, France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57917 Baldwin locomotive front view at Camp Pullman France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57929 Baldwin locomotive in La Rochelle yards, France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57927 Accident on ETAT near Camp Pullman, France 10-24-18 NARA111-SC-57897 wreck in yards at Camp Pullman in La Rochelle, France 12-12-18 NARA111-SC-58197 Wrecked 030-062  Type C locomotive at Camp Pullman, La Rochelle, France 12-12-18 NARA111-SC-58198 AEF Train going over the 'hill' leaving La Rochelle, France 10-12-18 NARA111-SC-57828 Wreck on Etat, Camp Pullman at La Rochelle, France 12-12-18 NARA111-SC-58196 French 2-4-0 locomotive , Camp Pullman France 12-10-18 NARA111-SC-58188 French 2-8-0 Locomotive Camp Pullman 12-10-18 NARA111-SC-58189 French 9-6-0 locomotive Camp Pullman at La Rochelle, France 12-10-18 NARA111-SC-58187 French cab-box car, Camp Pullman, France 12-11-18 NARA111-SC-58192 French double door box car, Camp Pullman France 12-10-18 NARA111-SC-58186 French high side gondola, Camp Pullman, France 12-11-18 NARA111-SC-58191 French sleeping car, Camp Pullman France 12-11-18 NARA111-SC-58195 French tank car, Camp Pullman France 12-11-18 NARA111-SC-58190 French stock car Camp Pullman France 12-10-18 NARA111-SC-58193 German tank car at Camp Pullman, France ca1918 NARA111-SC-60814 General Blacksmithing, Army Training Det., Western Univ., Quindaro, Kansas undated NARA111-SC-59506 1st Detachment, Negro Ag and Tech College, Greensboro, NC undated NARA111-SC-59514 Class in plan reading, Tuskegee Inst. undated NARA111-SC-58844 General mechanics class, Tuskegee normal & Industrial Inst. AL undated NARA111-SC-58850 Leather working class at Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Inst. Undated NARA111-SC-59512 SATC Automechanics class,Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Inst. undated NARA111-SC-58845 SATC carpentry class Tuskegge Norman & Industrial Inst, Ala undated NARA111-SC-59513 SATC Electrical Mechanics, Tuskegee Inst. undated NARA111-SC-59509 Les dessus Ancien Abreuvoir
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