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18-55mm F/3.5-5.6g Vr Photos

Surveying in the bat room, Yahya cave, near İnler, Ankara, March 2017 Mercury lines up with the Observatory and the sun, 9 May 2016 Stretching like some sort of trident opposite Tarout Bay, September 2012 (window seat 3) Dredged Doha, top of the Qatar peninsula (window seat 1), September 2012 Paros in the background, the wave and me, August 2012 General view of the Kouros at Apollonas, Naxos, August 2012 Little puffy clouds as we cross to the Med, September 2012 (window seat 6) Urban planning, radial like a flower, September 2012 (window seat 5) Every little rock shelters a community, September 2012 (window seat 4) Making the best dumplings, ever! Singapore, September 2012 It's full of Green! Little India, September 2012 Check out my backside, say my name (March 2015) Face to face with an adult male at the Pothole of the Prophet Elijah (March 2015) 2015 Mercedez-Benz C-Class Coupé C180 2015 Mercedez-Benz C-Class Coupé C180 2015 Ford Fiesta ST3 The geometry of the Singapore Flyer, September 2012 View to the south east from the Flyer, after sundown, September 2012 Esplanade after sunset, Singapore, from the Flyer, September 2012 Marina Bay Sands, from the Flyer, June 2012 The Gardens by the Bay, Dusk, September 2012 Flower dome, cloud forest and shipping lane, from the flyer, September 2012 Amphitrite, upskirt (August 2012) Wine dark, sea (August 20012) So close, you can hear it... August 2012 Head of the Kouros at Apollonas, Naxos, August 2012 Minoan bull leaping bronze, British Museum, June 2012 Vassiliki ware spouted pot, the so-called Minoan tea-pot of the British Museum, June 2012 Scythian archer, red figure by Epiktetos, at the British Museum, June 2012 A Karyatid / Caryatid with an Ionic column from the Erechtheion, June 2012
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