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18-35mm F1.8 Dc Hsm Photos

Super Close With A Merlin Engine Under Annual Inspection Souls Riding A #Trimet MAX Car in Ze Portlandia Blue Hour A Gillig Low Floor BRT Bus Crosses the Tilikum Crossing in KODAK T-MAX 100 A New Siemens S70 Crosses A Wet Portland Street On #Trimet MAX Red Line Big Slabs of Siemens S70 in Service of Trimet MAX Passing By in Monochrome Panning A Ford Police Interceptor SUV of Ze Portland Police Monochrome of MAX Green Line Unloading at Pioneer Place Ze Siemens S70 Rolling Forward in KODAK T-MAX 400 As One Mk I Leaves Stadium-Chinatown Station, Another Enters Metrotown Station at 9:07 PM on 2018-12-07 Mark I Skytrain Approaching in the Vancouver, BC Night SkyTrain Mk III Leaving Stadium-Chinatown Station Passing A Mk I In Ze Vancouver Night Gloria Macarenko Back Where She Belongs - In FRONT of the Camera Johanna the Green Queen with Some Whole Foods Flowers A White TransLink Mk II Open For Passengers... in Kodak Elite Chrome 200 STARING DOWN THE LIGHTS OF A TRIMET S70 STOP, THE TRIMET MAX GREEN LINE IS AT THE Panning Ze How I Roll Train Rolling Past Me A #Trimet MAX Green Line S70 Heading South in Downtown Portland, OR Panning A Passing Trimet MAX Red Line Amy Scarton Energetically Explaining WSF Sustainability REALLY CLOSE WITH ZE GE-ALLISON J-35 JET ENGINE IN MONOCHROME The Cadet's Engine in Kodachrome Tones The VA-128 Tribute Tail and the GE/Allison J-35 Jet Engine Cutaway J-35 Axial-Flow Engine Cutaway Explainer AMERICANA IN YOUR FACE AT HERITAGE FLIGHT MUSEUM VFA-125 F-35C on Static #Trimet MAX Green Line Pulling Into SW 5th Ave MAX Station Inside a 10:54 AM #Trimet MAX
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