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ISS over Lynnhaven Inlet

ISS over Lynnhaven Inlet

The trajectory for the International Space Station had it enter view from the NW, pass nearly directly overhead, and fall into the Earth's shadow just before traversing Jupiter.
I was fumbling with my Canon SL1 with the Magic Lantern intervalometer and discovered that the only battery was dead. I quickly switched lenses to my Canon 6D MkII, and (without the intervalometer) held my shutter in slow burst mode for 60 frames. I salvaged 52 after cropping the fisheye composite image. 1.6 seconds per frame, ISO 1600, and f/2.8 on the Rokinon 12mm focus near infinity. Base layer was still shot for test lighting (manual lens), top layers lightened, and mask applied to top layers to hide star trail.

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Photo taken @ L on 4 June 2019 (© Dirtman's Images / Flickr)

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