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180205-M-FX760-0205 Japanese Soldiers conduct urban terrain training during Exercise Iron Fist 2018 Remember Pearl Harbor The Deep End Crossing The Delaware Night Games Marines prepare for fast rope training aboard an MV-22 Osprey during exercise Iron Fist 2018 Japanese soldiers, U.S. Marines conduct fast rope drills during exercise Iron Fist 2018 U.S. Marines, Japanese Soldiers train with combat rubber raiding crafts during exercise Iron Fist 2018 170504-N-TU910-347 170414-N-LR795-040 170417-N-TU910-274 170417-N-TU910-092 170415-N-TU910-101 170401-N-TU910-155 170408-N-EW322-008 170329-N-TU910-296 170328-N-TU910-257 170327-N-TU910-230 170327-N-TU910-093 170320-N-TU910-299 170313-N-TU910-492 170311-N-TU910-323 170131-N-LR795-006 170131-N-LR795-092 170119-N-LR795-059 161220-N-TU910-304 161216-N-TU910-277 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit continues deployment with Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group 161224-N-LR795-072
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