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Marines prepare for fast rope training aboard an MV-22 Osprey during exercise Iron Fist 2018 Japanese soldiers fast rope out of the back of an MV-22 Osprey during exercise Iron Fist 2018 Japanese soldiers, U.S. Marines conduct fast rope drills during exercise Iron Fist 2018 JGSDF Soldiers Clear Buildings During Iron Fist 2018 Military Operations on Urban Terrain Training Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces Execute Amphibious Recon Training at Iron Fist Japanese Soldiers Train Alongside U.S. Navy, Marines at Iron Fist 2018 170414-N-LR795-026 170415-N-TU910-111 170415-N-TU910-121 170415-N-TU910-111 170415-N-TU910-121 170504-N-TU910-324 170504-N-TU910-331 170504-N-TU910-355 170504-N-TU910-347 170415-N-LR795-058 170415-N-LR795-058 170416-N-LR795-009 170417-N-TU910-092 170415-N-TU910-079 170417-N-TU910-070 170417-N-TU910-335 170418-N-TU910-286 170418-N-TU910-354 170418-N-TU910-360 170417-N-TU910-335 170415-N-TU910-058 170415-N-TU910-130 170407-N-TU910-666 170401-N-TU910-003
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