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One Mind, Any Weapon Japanese soldiers fast rope out of the back of an MV-22 Osprey during exercise Iron Fist 2018 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Soldiers conduct live fire training during exercise Iron Fist 2018 170501-N-TU910-542 170504-N-TU910-331 170504-N-TU910-339 170504-N-TU910-355 170504-N-TU910-324 170501-N-TU910-699 170415-N-TU910-111 170417-N-TU910-029 170418-N-TU910-354 170418-N-TU910-445 170415-N-TU910-130 170415-N-TU910-101 170407-N-TU910-666 170407-N-TU910-284 170407-N-TU910-541 170401-N-TU910-003 170401-N-TU910-014 170401-N-TU910-065 170401-N-TU910-155 170401-N-TU910-185 170401-N-TU910-215 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force exercises with U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton JGSDF Soldiers Clear Buildings During Iron Fist 2018 Military Operations on Urban Terrain Training Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces Execute Amphibious Recon Training at Iron Fist 170414-N-LR795-026 170414-N-LR795-040 170415-N-LR795-058
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