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Huaraz street art: Sartre - Waldo the swindler - and Ciudad de Naranja (with a brick)? Huaraz flora At Abuja's Central Mosque Huaca de la Luna relief Playa Zorritos morning Abeokuta Olumo Rock visitors By the lagoons Elephant tracks and waterhole On the river - laundry day The catch Togo - Bassar still life Lanzhou countryside after the snow Lanzhou countryside after the snow At the Queen Mother's funeral Near Wuwei Aniausse ritual - white Mask and music Venezuela Gran Sabana Gran Canaria New Years Day - along the cliff Tianshui afternoon - men playing near Fuxi temple Repairs at dusk Lanzhou - bridge over Yellow River to White Pagoda At the Queen Mother's funeral - the drummer waits Bottrop's Tetrahedron Grand Bassam architecture Man - mask dance Huaraz street art - Pluspetrol The dunes at Dunhuang - booties abandoned Keep Kuqa clean Farewell
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