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100-400mm F/5-6.3 Photos

A C-17 MAKING A SMOKING TOUCH ON TRAVIS AFB RUNWAY Major Whit Collins Heading Out F-22 Raptor & P-51D Mustang in Heritage Flight Formation NICE TOPSIDE F-22 PASS SSgt Annemarie Escorting A Lucky Dude to the F-22 THUNDERBIRD #5 DELIVERING THE BURNER AND VAPES A Perfect Calypso Pass by the Thunderbirds Solos MACE GETTING READY TO ROAR AT TRAVIS MACE PREPPING HER VIPER Mace Thanking Her Maintainers REFLECTION PASS INBOUND Boeing 747-400 of Lufthansa Pulling Up From YVR Panning A Rising Into the Blue Boeing 747-400 From YVR B&W of a Smoky Air Canada Q400 Landing A Q400 Lands at YVR on One Side Rising Boeing 747-400 in Lufthansa Livery An Air Canada Express Q400 Landing at YVR in Black, White and Red PANNING A KNIGHTHAWK OF NAS WHIDBEY SAR UNDER THE CLOUDS LOOKING UP AT NASWI SAR MAKING A PATTERN TURN IN THE OVERCAST NAS WHIDBEY SAR IN THE CLOUDS OVER OLF NAS WHIDBEY SAR MH-60 SLIDING INTO OLF COUPEVILLE NASWI SAR FLYING OVER THE CENTRAL WHIDBEY TREES HFM Skyraider Leading the Legacy Flight Growler Around the Skagit Clouds BOLTERING GROWLER IN SELENIUM A Most Monochrome Look at a VAQ-129 EA-18G Touching on OLF P-51D & F-22 Raptor in Tight USAF Heritage Flight Formation SOARING RAPTOR IN GREYSCALE RAPTOR AFTERBURNER CUTTING THRU THE GREY AND VAPES The NASWI SAR Against the Sky RAPTOR IN AFTERBURNER RISING UP
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