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Hase-dera: Bell & Blossoms

Hase-dera: Bell & Blossoms

The bell of Hase-dera was replaced in 1984 allowing for the original, which was from the Kamakura era, to be placed in the treasure hall. You can see some lovely spring blossoms to the right. The Amida-do lies to the left.

Hase-dera is a Jodo (Pure Land) temple in Kamakura, Kanagawa with beautiful views of the beach and sea. Established in the 700's, Hase-dera was originally a Tendai temple founded by Tokudo Shonin. Tokudo is said to have been responsible for creating the large wooden Kannon which resides inside Hase-dera's Kannon-do. It is the largest wooden statue in Japan. The twin statue, also created by Tokudo (carved from the same tree) is located in Nara.

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Photo prise @ Kamakura-shi le 22 mars 2008 (© jpellgen (@1179_jp) / Flickr)

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