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parked bikes on November 12 at the convenience store white soba at Musashi (between Takefu & Sabae) Nov 10 nine flags in view, construction on November 8 at city hall small votive statues above Okafuto shrine toppled trees at shrine for Mt. Chusenji in Imadate gravestone eras, Mt. Hino climb of November 7, Kayadani Prepared trail up to Gyoji-gadake at Imadate hiking up Mt. Hino via the Kayadani route; morning guide map to the top of Mt. Hino via the Kayadani route long shadows at 4:10 p.m. as chaff is burned, smoke drifts Starting the Nov. 14 annual prayer service with chanting Daihou-ji, November 14, 2017: extended chant Temple praise and prayer - procession sequence Brazilians worship in rural Japan, mid Nov. on Zenkouji-dori soliciting snacks for impoverished children of Japan preaching platform to conclude the evening's worship the annual November 14 worship, praise, and prayer 2017 Nov. 12_1657 dusk panorama 270 degrees 2017 Nov. 12 at 5 pm, commuters going home damage, 2017 Oct. 30, recent typhoon-toppling of trees functional design with business below, living space above dusk backyard 2017 Nov. 12 Buddhist temple starter course at Kato's restaurant lane on November 8 near Echizen City Hall demolition 2017 Nov 7 former cake and ice-cream store team of 2 demolition machines breaks down the building traditional samurai gravestone in 5 elemental tiers temple bell November 13, three generations after the war slender thread of living tradition and life itself; shime nawa working among cabbages, smoke beyond the greenhouse
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