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small votive statues above Okafuto shrine toppled trees at shrine for Mt. Chusenji in Imadate Prepared trail up to Gyoji-gadake at Imadate panorama on November 5, Awatabe-festa (Imadate area) mossy rock face, statues at Awatabe looking S/SE over Imadate bus ride for plaintiff at district court morning light on main & side shrines at Otaki eleven faces of Kannon bodhisattva stillness at Otaki shrine Dumping the rice chaff at roadside panorama near Gobu-ichi dark cedars and roof tiles seas of rice IMG_1617 temple damage, typhoon #21 blowing from N.E. imperial crest of 16-petaled 'mum growing the moss woodwork at Otaki Shrine soaring cedars leaving one's mark by donation IMG_1623 IMG_1615 IMG_1609 IMG_1598 IMG_1595 IMG_1589 IMG_1587 IMG_1585 IMG_1582
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