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small votive statues above Okafuto shrine toppled trees at shrine for Mt. Chusenji in Imadate Prepared trail up to Gyoji-gadake at Imadate panorama on November 5, Awatabe-festa (Imadate area) looking S/SE over Imadate bus ride for plaintiff at district court morning light on main & side shrines at Otaki stillness at Otaki shrine Dumping the rice chaff at roadside panorama near Gobu-ichi woodwork at Otaki Shrine seas of rice leaving one's mark by donation dad and daughters - lovely day for riding bikes panorama Sanri-yama, south face mossy rock face, statues at Awatabe temple damage, typhoon #21 blowing from N.E. imperial crest of 16-petaled 'mum eleven faces of Kannon bodhisattva dark cedars and roof tiles growing the moss soaring cedars Quiet, cool water the living and the dead quiet cemetery, narrow lane, tall cedars Old school (left), volcanic profile (right) IMG_7006 IMG_7003 IMG_7001 IMG_6998
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