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Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace

In Norse Mythology the Midgard serpent grew so large that he was able to surround the earth. Also know as Jörmungandr, the serpent was Thor's arch enemy and it was predicted that in their final battle, while Thor would slay the serpent - he would die from its venom, and it would mark the end of the world as it was.

The Secret Affair runs to September 29th - Valhalla
Poet's Heart - Valkyrja - Silver at The Secret Affair
The Plastik: TeaParti-Jwelry (choker and necklaces) Shiny Shabby
AITUI - Mechanical Wings - Subway Flyer, Silver 1 (The Arcade - Commons)
*katat0nik* (Ice) Dragon - worn on falling Valkyrie - The Arcade
*katat0nik* (White) Dragon RARE (wrapped about moon) - The Arcade
{anc} I'm Planet - Melt Moon (from FGC) now at store
{anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [sungold] (past C88 - now in store)
Clawtooth - Ruby Starlight # 17 at The Arcade
Genesis Lab: Alice Head rare Cosmetic Fair gacha

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Photo taken on 20 September 2015 (© Halfwraith / Flickr)

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