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Smashed !

Smashed !

For 'Macro Mondays' theme of 'Glass' !

Rubbish in our area is collected once a week, at least bottles and glass are if you have enough and you can remember to put them outside the front gate. A rectangular blue plastic box complete with black lid is supplied and between collections ours is kept in the garage. Looking to see if there were any clear glass bottles among those for wine (!) there was just one. So fetching a large stone that is usually kept at the bottom of a bucket to keep it from blowing away, I dropped it onto the clear bottle. The result was shattered glass including this piece from the bottle neck.

Back on the desk top, out with the spray bottle that I've just acquired (was discarded rubbish), a bit of lighting, and this is the result.

Russian Jupiter 11 (Fat Boy) 135mm ...................................... about 2"

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 2 septembre 2018 (© jesse1dog / Flickr)

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