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Thank you so much for Cover ♥ The Sunset Beam Me Up _DSC9270L Alfreds Seven Mile Beach Ubud Lochore Castle bei der Startplattform_002 Through the Eye Chemin faisant.... Auf ein Getränk .... Museu da Carris Centre Court … Fast Laghi dei Piani The water lily flower Himmelsauge spiegelt klar Triple The flamingos (Phoenicopteridae) Éternité So long, and thanks for all the fish Tall trees Ils m'ont mené en bateau Das Gasthaus (2) Hypnotic pull of Cincinnati's spinning wheel Change agent Nous sommes tous des pèlerins /  We are all pilgrims walk with me in hell Haircpap Moss. Gillam Park. Little Rock. 2019.
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