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Nikon Roadmap Timeline - Rumors - Future launching - UPDATED Q2 2014 STG R4 WIP In Remembrance of Tut Ornates Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Paris 0244corse The Eyes Have it!  (Explored) 'Ripples in Time' - Porth Dafarch, Anglesey Algunos reflejos... Explore 'Painted Sky' - Dinas Dinlle, Wales Last of the Ravens  (Explored) One man and his responsability Laguna Chaxa - Explore Walking on the beach (In Explore 08/04/2014) Hållplats Eternal 20140406_DSC2842.jpg Misty sunrise on Padarn. Ainhoa Fishing vessel on a calm evening Red Sunday 20140330_DSC2540.jpg if you have no table you can be one -E- fuji morning reflections Gwawrio llyn Padarn/Sunrise on padarn. Barack Obama stands in front of Rembrandt's The Night Watch in the Netherlands arif misses his father much sometimes (a) Spring Start Porta Westfalica Cloudy Hücker Moor Nature is waking up
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