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Ma.k Scale Golden Light Mrs Klett couldn´t find duck James Light Trails - Explored Autumn Trees in the Dusk The man who whispers the gadgets Silence is golden Vertical Imitation - For The Man Who Inspired Me To Do What I Do - London City Life (On Explore 19th November 2014) Walt Disney Concert Hall Season in the Sun George Washington Bridge @ Fort Washington Park, NYC Floating Kiss, apparently Love is in the Air, Arequipa Left My Heart In London - City Office Life (On Explore 17th November 2014) Watching I tawt I taw a teddy bear Heading to Rawson Lake kananaskis country Alberta Canada Low Light Fall is magic Riverside Autumn Industrial Wall With Stairs Worry, Fear, concern ? No Indigestion. Chove Halloween selfie Long Shadows Autumn sunset HDR Industrial Shadow Throughout ages Descending  Sunrise
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