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Sunday, trying to stay organized ciao! - Explore! Thank you :-) Digital Teachings In those Days.....(Explore) Take a seat ! (Explore) The Sun is always blinding me Horse Colourful Disorder (Explore) Sunset on the Eifls mountains. Puente del Kursal Stately Home (Explore) Armada in the Sun (Explored) Beautiful Culture (Explore) Fan Party Karol Conka @ Festival de la Cité 2014 Summer in the park (Explore) Flag at half mast in Netherlands for flight MH17 Durmientes sunset family council ... Cool Down (Explore) Red Beauty (Explore) Golden Seattle Floral Pleasures (Explore) Super Seattle Moon Sun rolling down(Explore) Chicle an ostrich-beauty ... The Many Faces Of a Seattle Sunset #2 Night sky - Explore
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