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  1. Dans le sujet : A Woman Leading Prayer

    Posté 13 mai 2005


    eh salut penis felix ...and whos watchdog are u? if i may ask?
  2. Dans le sujet : A Woman Leading Prayer

    Posté 12 mai 2005


    wait...wait a lost here what does what allah has written in the qur'an have to do with challenging sheiks?

    i dont seem to get it....can anyone care to enlighten me on that i'll appreciate it thanks, cuz last time i checked only man can lead prayers as in imams and it is written in the qur'an as for desaxee if u put an effort in finding it out yourelf u would have the answer ur looking for i do think u already know the answer to this why waste time and energy....on something that isint really ur concern...?

    ur concerm if i allow myself to assume is....the opposite sexe isint it so why do u confuse challenging whats written in the qur'an with challenging males?

    yours trully.
  3. Dans le sujet : A Woman Leading Prayer

    Posté 10 mai 2005


    "quoting " FELIX

    this what you are telling us is not new.we know it already since 2months.
    its a very good news for a muslim woman.
    but unfortunatly many muslim men see it not good.because they believe that womwn should do only children,and stay in kitchen.if it was the contrairy many muslim women have already answer and start action againts this bloody mens in white robe and after that have the right to beat the woman when they feel like it

    listen u aint men vs women issue but what allah has commanded...
    whats unfortunate is some so called new converts arent really converting for good reasons rather for other motives, their own agendas......and u know it....

    i cant finnish this as per i have lots things to say to u...lil nugget... be back insha allah...and i emphisized on the INSHA ALLAH KNOW THAT IT HURTS U PUNK
  4. Dans le sujet : Des RÈgles Pour Mieux Comprendre Ton Dine

    Posté 7 mai 2005


    ange felix... primo tu viens foutre ton derriere a un site musulman et t as le kilo de en quelque sorte d insulter un confrere ki propage l islam rappel toi ke ce sa job est de rappeler ses semblables vis a vis l islam.

    secondo....explique moi ca cher un peu curieucement peux tu m expliquer...cette affraire de 3pour 1? pere...le fils le saint esprit tout c tralala...aussi pourkoi que les pretres ne peuvent se marrier si c nest pas ecrit dans la bible pourkoi la deformer?

    adios clown
  5. Dans le sujet : Noirs Ne Sont Pas Racistes !

    Posté 7 mai 2005


    folks once again can yall not confuse positive discimination, with racism?ofcourse ayana aint racist i'll swear on the cross she aint lol she just likes her kind bit more than others simple as for FELIX what is it that u dont get...girl said she aint so cut it out lol

    eh...ayana i thought i read somewhere u saying something about being a FEMiNIST? LOOOL ur kiddin me right feminist de race pure et dure?...any vendetta againts man? i know u dont, hence dont let them ugly butch looking babes get into ur head....

    world will never be balanced... no such thing as a perfect world discrimination of all kind will remain untill end of yall need to live and learn and be a realist not at all times but on certain issues...gender equality"male female" race, ethnicity...whatever have you....prejudice will always remain live with it and understanding it yes but let people stump on u nop no can do.

    "hypocrisy is the only evil that walks invisible except to ALLAH alone"
    when straying religious beleifs and cultural belongings to have the west sympathy its weakness"

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