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  1. Dans le sujet : Mais Où Est Il?

    Posté 19 oct. 2004

    First of all, I would like to size this opportunity and say Happy Ramadan to you all and may Allah bless you in this momement and forever....Amiiiiiiiiiin

    Mohamed thank you for that wisdom words...I liked and thank u for that...
    There is blessing and the movement..never wait better you move and for the betterment.
    Peace on you all
  2. Dans le sujet : Etes Vous Supertitieux ?

    Posté 23 janv. 2004

    Hi Deqa,

    You remind when I was young researcher and I wanted to know everything. I encountered such superstition (Quraafaad).
    Every society has superstitions, but the degree of the superstitions depend on the level of the development and scientific advancement.

    To my believing superstition highlights your confiction enlightmen. superstition grow and flourish (tarmo, barwaaqobo) in primary society.
    Keep in mind somalis say "caado la gooyo cadho alle ayay keentaa'
    what you think guys

    peace and progress
  3. Dans le sujet : Aidez-moi A Ameliorer Mon Vocabulaire

    Posté 18 janv. 2004

    To Aly

    Glaxie= urur, ururka xidiga ha
    Garavity=cufis jiidad

    intaas ayaan kugu daraya
    good luck for the rest
  4. Dans le sujet : Aidez-moi A Ameliorer Mon Vocabulaire

    Posté 16 janv. 2004

    Let me contribute to the discussion and show my ignorance

    for your information Somali language bowrrowed a lot of terms from Arabic, specailly whenit comes to terminology.

    Roquette= Saaruukh
    Gravitation= cuufis jiidad
    Glaxie= ma u maleeynayo in aan leenahay... :blink: ,
    Space=hawada sare
    Satalite artificiel=qamar sanaaci ah
    Satelite naturel=qamar caadi ah

    Peace and progress
  5. Dans le sujet : Est Ce Qu Il Y A Des Chateurs Arabes Ds Ce Forum

    Posté 10 janv. 2004


    Never give up... keep searching
    and wish u all the best and good success

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