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Sujets que j'ai initié

  1. I Need Your Help

    Posté 8 janv. 2004

    aight this is what is happenin. Its between Raisso and Fozia and i don’t know who i want and i need some help! At first i met Fozia at this stupid fair thing. we hooked up and he was really sweet to me and i mean really sweet but at the time he had a girl. We kept hookin up until i met Raisso. Then i didn’t know what to do. i really like Raisso alot but i also like Fozia alot too. Raisso is the shy type but she is so sweet. she's as tall as me maybe little taller, half somalilandai half xamari , reer xamar, and has the greatest eyes in the world. Fozia is also really sweet, taller then me, is half Djiboutiani half somalilandai, and always knows what im thinking. The only thing that’s different about them is Raisso doesn’t get jealous real fast and Fozia does. Their both really great guys and since they both met me all they want to do is fight each other for me they aren’t even friends anymore. I feel really bad that they aren’t and now they want me to choose which one i want. Fozia is very protective and gets mad real fast. Raisso is protective too but with him i can talk to him without him getting upset about what i said. They both are great looking vato's with great personalities. but i think im in love with Raisso but i still have the thought of Fozia in my head. Can someone help me or give me some advice on how to choose which one i want? Also Fozia cheated on his girl with me so im pretty sure he would do the same to me. Raisso has never cheated on a girl in his life. should that be a big part on who i choose?
  2. We Need To Grow Up

    Posté 7 janv. 2004

    je ss nouveau ici alors on raconte koi de beau.
    ns sommes ts les memes ds le forum on expose ns idee mais insultez et disporamez les autres.

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