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  1. Dans le sujet : Some Definitions

    Posté 9 déc. 2003

    :lol: :lol:
    Des définition tres marrantes!!! j'ai bien rigoler. well done!!! =D>
  2. Dans le sujet : égalité Hommes Femmes

    Posté 8 déc. 2003

    le voile n'est pas le problem se sont les non-muslim. The hijab is the sign of islam, it is the way muslim women express their view. just becaus a women doesn't want to show her hair or wear revealing cloths don't mean that she is opressed or infirior to men. This is just the western point of view.
  3. Dans le sujet : Une Histoire Vraie

    Posté 5 déc. 2003

    Somali_psycho, le jeudi 04 décembre 2003, 12:42, dit :

    Wallen wallen wallen you are a desperate case, you need attention, sad you haven't received enough love from your mum. Not my fault darling smell the houmous and move on.

    Your biggest problem is that you belive any trash you read from the Net (fine by me by all means) but please don't force us to share your 2$ emotional crap take it to your boyfriend....perhaps you have a girlfriend who knows ;)

    My cousin told me the story kuu laaha.....I guess stupidity runs in all your familly, it's a genetic malfunction. Or maybe just maybe it's to do with this newly discovered DNA called Mt DNA.

    wallen this is the first time i hear of this. i can't believe what that dog did to that girl. But you know what they say "what goes around comes around ", that idiot will get what is comming for him!!
    And to Somali_psycho you should be ashamed of your self man, why you got to bring wallen family into this for, show some respect to ur fellow mali sisters man!!!
    why r u getting so offended for anyways, the girl only told what she hear and there is nothing wrong with sharing information!!

    peace out!!
  4. Dans le sujet : Tha Big Question

    Posté 4 déc. 2003

    dans la religion islamic le suicide n'est pas permit!! tout le monde le sais, mais ils ya des gent qui le font! personelment je pense que un vrais musliment ne le fera pas , but there is certain people that are force into it.when they see their family and friends dying they feel helpless and they found that is the only way to deal with it! each one of us has their own believes and i believe that sucide bombing is wrong and should be avoided at all time cos as muslime u r not meant to kill innocent ppl!!

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