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Sujets que j'ai initié

  1. Happy 27th Of June!

    Posté 27 juin 2009

    Dear young & old Djibnet Citizens,

    I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy 27th of june!

    I've lived long enough :) to dicipher between the lack of electricity for few hours and the lack of freedom!!!! !! look at Iran centuries old nation that influenced Islam, Literature, Science et j'en passe!!!

    Lets all be pround & cherish what we have and work hard for a brighter future!

    HAPPY 27th of JUNE

    Dear Mr President,

    keep up the good work, focus on your vision and remain close to your people.
    Rumors has it that you visite Djibnet! I am Feeding the myth I know!

    RDD 4 ever!
  2. Grenade Attack Nougaprix! 2 Days Ago!

    Posté 6 mars 2009

    It seems that the media including djibnet keep this rather alarming recurrent grenade attack under wrap!

    Who did it?
    What the gov is doing?

    Another alarming social mutation is the growing islamic extremism!

    What can you do? yes I am talking to you as I have made up my mind....Will open a mini quantanamo prison in Lac Assal lol
  3. A New Treatment Called Placebo According To Missdjib & Linaa

    Posté 23 sept. 2008

    Djibnet citizen,

    We have a new treatment to stop for good what I call the "Hyena Syndrome"
    Dr Linaa and Pr Missydjib both graduated from MJU (Middle Juba University) Have found a terrific treatment against the Hyena syndrome that is eating up this forum.
    These are the words of our next pretender of the Nobel l'Oreal lol.... yes because you are worth it
    quand on se rend sur WIKI pour s'informer la moindre de chose est de le mentionner!
    l'effet placebo est l'effet inattendu qui se manifeste sur le patient en question.à ton sujet,le traitement devrait te guérir mais à la place,tu t'es pris pour le docteur.hallucination oblige!

    u said" You must know that Placebo substance has no therapeutic effet what so ever!" alors que WIKI affime le contraire--------> ------->"Tout geste thérapeutique, valide ou non, comporte d'ailleurs une part plus ou moins grande d'effet placebo".

    I have no trut in wiki from Lafooleh
  4. A Bit Of British Humor

    Posté 13 sept. 2008

    death by laugh unless you are humoursly challenged!!

    Visit My Website
  5. 1977 Tubeec & Magool@the African Festival In Lagos

    Posté 27 juin 2008

    My beloved Djiblandianes,

    My Webpage

    Please check the link above and see for yourself the true meaning of regression.
    One question always comes to my mind when I see such display. What happened? Why? and How can we avoid such cultural, emotional and intellectual regression even atrocity????


    We want to share our knowledge for subject such as " docetisme dans la religion chretienne" great when we have time and no problem!!!!
    Or :) lol sorry this is not for the faint hearted how about "Slander et le mystere de son silence episode 2" well who gives a rat ass about that monkey sorry he is not a monkey he is a marsupian.

    Our motherland is at war and deep down each one of us is thinking F*** the issa regime. Think twice kiddos.
    Yes the topic title is misleading thats why you are reading this very sentence.
    Its now the time to move to act to react otherwise in 10 or 20 years you will be half enjoying Nimco Jama, Abdi Nuur, Dinkara and many more via youtube Ver 2020.

    4 country and honor

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