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  1. Obama Threatening Iran

    Posté 16 oct. 2011

    Are we facing a "Colin Powell moment".
    This whole story doesn't make any sense at all. It is shocking that the nobel peace prize
    decided to go along and beat the war drum. This so called plot can only benefit those who
    want america to attack Iran: America itself, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    In world opinion those 3 counties will find hard to convince doubters.
  2. Avatar

    Posté 5 janv. 2010

    Has anyone seen that movie?
  3. Dambisa Moyo

    Posté 10 juil. 2009

    While surfing on the net i came across to this book, it was written by Dambisa Moyo. In her book Dambisa argue that government aid has not helped Africa despite $ one trillion being poured into Africa over the last four decades. She wants to cutting of aid within five years.
    I did not read her book, in fact i just got it, but two things sold me to her idea. The first things are her logic and the way she present it. The second thing is the fierce reaction of NGO and liberals that her book generate.

    Here a debate where she eloquently deliver her arguments h?v=enDmHgJC4eY

    she discusses dead aid with a mp h?v=L5Pkk2sq9Cg

    Do you think aid is doing more harm than good in Africa?
  4. Khamenei's Response To Obama Outreach

    Posté 25 mars 2009

    well thought speech!

    http://www.juancole.... g-to-obama.html

    The ball is not in Tehran's court as Obama might think.
  5. Nfl Fans

    Posté 25 janv. 2009

    You have a good match up for this Superbowl.
    the best offense against the best defense.
    I'm going with steelers, they're a monsters.

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    une sista Icône

    24 août 2008 - 02:02
    salam K
    so how is my main man doing ? LOL
    just teasing ya bro ..hope to see more posting from ya dear compat
    cheers now
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