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  1. Dans le sujet : Cytochrome P450

    Posté 21 juin 2009

    Voir le message Fluid, le Thursday 18 June 2009, 21:58, dit :

    Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) are enzymes responsible for drug metabolizing and mostly found in the liver. They are found in various form of life such as mammals, birds, fish, insects, worms, sea squirts, sea urchins, plants, fungi, slime molds, bacteria and archaea. where they are located either in the inner membrane of mitochondria or in the endoplasmic reticulum of cells. The name derives from:

    Hi Fluid,

    Interesting reading. I was wondering since plants do not have mitochondria ( if I am right ), where these enzymes are located in a plant cell ?

  2. Dans le sujet : Breaking News.

    Posté 8 juin 2009

    google news
  3. Dans le sujet : Patent System In Djib

    Posté 7 juin 2009

    Voir le message Fluid, le Friday 5 June 2009, 9:41, dit :

    Looking at this post: http://www.djibnet.c... showtopic=13087

    This is are the messages that caught my attention and some more.

    I really wonder if this issue still standing in Djibouti. It will be sad that the new entreupreneurs can't secure their market or need to go through this kind of system.
    Who has information on the Patent act of Djibouti because I can't seem to find it in the mediocre ministrial website they set for people abroad :( .

    Hi Fluid,

    Such system doesn't exist in Djibouti. A patent system needs qualified ppl to analyze patent claims and issue them. IP is a whole business from law firms, Portfolio Development companies to Reverse Engineering companies ( needed in case of infringement, expert or fact witness). This business also has its own problems like patent trolling. Djibouti could maybe start with its own PS.

  4. Dans le sujet : Your Greatest Lyrics Ever!

    Posté 20 mai 2009

    Dear Lover -Mary wells
    (Gerald Sims/Carl Davis)

    Dear lover, it's been a long long time
    So I'm writing this letter to find out if you're still mine
    Oh I miss you so much & I wish I could just see you somehow
    Let no other steal your heart while you're apart from me
    Please be faithful, please be true; I'll never stop loving you

    Dear lover, I wonder, do you feel the same way too?
    Is this feeling in your heart as strong as the love that I have for you?
    Oh you must believe me when I say I'd never love this way
    Oh I'll be yours till the end of time if it's forever & a day
    If it's forever & a day

    Oh dear lover, if you would just answer my letter
    A few words from you could make me feel so much better, yeah

    (Dear lover) oh I need you (dear lover) baby, please you
    (Dear lover) if you would just answer my letter
    (Dear lover) it would make me feel so much better
    (Dear lover) oh love (dear lover)
    ...& fade
  5. Dans le sujet : Que Aimeriez Vous Demander à Mr I.o. Guelleh?

    Posté 10 mai 2009

    A referendum before adding anything or changing the Constitution.

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