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  1. How Lucky

    Posté 11 oct. 2003

    First of all, I apologize for writing this in english. this is only because I can write better in english then in french.

    This message is for all the Djiboutiens as well as all the people who live in their home country.

    As a Djboutien who lives in a foreign land and who has never been able to live in my home country I just want to say that I envy those who do. I live amonst people who don't share the same cultural beliefs, values, as well as in religion. These people who I live amongst do respect our differences as I do theirs. However, because we don't share the same similarities it is so much harder to not change. I forgot how to speak somalian, reade or write in somalian, how to speak french (because we converse in english at home). Also, I don't even know almost anything about my home country, the music, and the culture. How will I be able to teach my children about our tradition, and language about Djibouti if I don"t even know anything about it. I do make an effort to know about Djibouti and what not but it's not the same. Do you know how scary to just think about being buried in a foreign land instead of the land where my family was buried?

    If you only knew how lucky you are.

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