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  1. Dans le sujet : The So Called "immigration Clandestine"

    Posté 11 oct. 2003

    salaamu caleykum!

    I conquer with some of your opinions, you seem to speak like an intelligent man. However, why don’t you take that voice, and those very strong opinions to the people who you should really speak to instead of on a chat room. That was very well time wasted.

    Secondly, you seem to differentiate your family with all the other people who are being asked to leave the country. Do you think yourself and your family different from the other people. Are you not all human beings ? I think that you should stop speaking about how you come from this tribe and when your family came in Djibouti and instead speak for all the people who are experiencing this torment or don’t speak at all. This tribal thing is what lead Somalia to still not having a government. I cannot believe that people in this generation still speak of which tribe and where you they from. Is this how we will govern our country in the future. It is unfortunate why your family did not receive an ID, and I believe that they should receive it. Our country is very small and we are but animals to the superpowers in this world. But I also believe that it is our fault and the greed from the government that lead to this. I have never lived in Djibouti, so I do apologize for making rash statements, but I did go there once and could not believe that my country was this powerless and governed by people who are able to succumb easily to pressure. This is not, “pays des braves”. it is “pays des cowards”.

    I think that we are all cowards because of our laziness and carelessness. The people who write in this websites speak of the problems that exist in this country with so much love. This is all we do, we speak and write about the love we have for our country but we don’t have any guts to practice what we preach.

    Mr. Cala, the only thing that I can tell you is that if you strongly believe that it is unjust, then I think that you should do everything in your power to make it right. Inshallah, this immigration thing will dissolve from the government, and the president will apologize about his conduct as a leader.

    I wish you the best of luck, and bon courage.
    salaamu caleykum!

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