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  1. Dans le sujet : La Rtd En Engleterre

    Posté 4 oct. 2010

    Arret wallaal haa kuu macanatoo.
    wallahi aniguu maa fahmayoo xalkaad kaa heesaysiid!!

    laakin somaliduu waxay tirahdaa "niin xiil qaad; eednaa qaad"

    "who takes responsibilities will take blames as well"

    Hamoud and hamze have taken responsibilities; ilaahay haa kuu garaab gaaloo. and i can clearly see on your post allegations not based on any foundation at all.

    To me both of them are voluntary guys who are trying to add value to our community
    Laabadubaa waa halyay reer djibouti aah...

    waa billahi towfiiq
  2. Dans le sujet : La Rtd En Engleterre

    Posté 4 oct. 2010

    Arret waa beentaa markaa waa inaa dadkaa laga qabtoo!!

    "pour prendre part a la soi-disante ceremonie d'ouverture"

    "Il s'agit en realite du meme cirque de jeunes qui se bousculent dans la longue queue des aspirant a une place devant le soleil IOG et Khadra"

    ". D'apres les informations que j'ai recu aupres d'un proche ami de ce jeune"

    "un autre djiboutien qui anime un programme bidon durant deux heures une fois par semaine dans une chaine somalienne tres peu connu qui s'appelle SomaliChannel."

    "D'apres les informations que j'ai recu de la part de certains participant a l'evenement de Birmimgham qui s'est tenu dans une salle obscur"

    All your information are based on second hand information
    "D'apres les information"

    Well; let me tell you that the information you had either at the mafarsh or at your local somali coffe shop are totally wrong.

    "Il s'agit en realite du meme cirque de jeunes qui se bousculent"
    What youth are you talking about??
    The project has been proposed by Hamze and only by Hamze who was trying for a whole year to work with the RTD on a voluntary basis.
    As usual RTD which are well known for the unffectiveness was ignoring his numerous request for a whole year.
    Until he proposed to them personally this summer.
    And I don't believe that the RTD will be able to meet this challenge anyway.

    Markaa gormuu "hamze" daad badaan noqday??
    Les jeunes?? quel jeunes??
    Waar there has never been no youth in brimingham who have ever participated in IOG party!!
    markaa xalkanaa waad kuu dhacday!!

    3rd point:

    b]un autre djiboutien [/b]qui anime un programme bidon"

    Xaasiid cay maa waayoo!!
    Hamoud the only djiboutien presenter in somali channel who only got 2 hours of air time per week!
    Is an exeptional individual who has worked by convition in djibouti (without being paid)
    and is working for somali channel on a voluntary basis.
    He has given numerous selfness time and effort for our common cause.
    And what do we paid him for in return!!
    trying to dimunish his accomplishment
    Hamoud do have a better audience than the whole RTD combined!!
    taas aya kuugu filaan quss!!

    4rd point
    "D'apres les informations que j'ai recu de la part de certains participant a l'evenement de Birmimgham qui s'est tenu dans une salle obscur"

    Baal waxaad laaso shir imanaysiid eeg!!
    the "salle obscur" was hillaac in birmingham
    The same hall where all the somalis hold their conference in
    the same hall that the djiboutien diaspora have invited and listened to our great sheikh
    The sheikh of youth "sheikh abduraham god"
    The same hall "DAF " hold his conference
    The same hall that all somali leaders from minister to MP hold their conferences!!

    Markaa hadaad leedahay muxuu hamze uugu dhigii wayay wembley stadium then we need to ask IOG to fund it!!
    Hamze cannot afford wembley stadium!!

    Wallaal yaal
    do not get confused by critizing IOG government which we hold as undemocratic, unpatriotic and especially unhumain.
    To our youth in the diaspora who trying their best to help in some ways or other to our dear country!!!

    waa billahi tawfiiq
  3. Dans le sujet : Service De Laissez-Passer.

    Posté 6 mai 2010


    c'est votre droit, de ne pas me croire.

    I can't help it. but do know, i got nothing to gain whether you believe me or not.
    I was just sharing my experience.
    As i did not wanted to take my passport to a unknown country (somalia)
  4. Dans le sujet : Service De Laissez-Passer.

    Posté 4 mai 2010

    I was in djibouti last summer.

    For the first time I wanted to travel to somalia particularly Borama.
    Therefore had to make a laissez passer for this trip.

    4 photos.
    A copy of your Djibouti ID card
    and a form to fill

    I went in the morning and have joined the queue (at least what they have called the queue)
    To get the form, you need to get to the police behind that little hole.

    There is only 1 person for everyone!

    Guess what! I had the patience to wait as everyone to get to the police in order to ask the form.

    to my suprise, I have been told that it is finished
    No form left for today.
    Come back tommorow to get a form.

    I came back the next day.
    About 11:00 am; it was a thursday.
    Joined the queue and got to the only police man at 11:30 am and just when i was about to ask the form to fill. he packed and left (wallahi).
    I have been told it is thursday and he has to get his khat before it got finished.

    No point to tell you I never went back to the "sortie".

    finished my holiday between quartier 4; balbala and Arta.
    and still did not see yet Loyada
  5. Dans le sujet : Djibouti Machine Infernal

    Posté 29 avril 2010

    Il était injuste de changer la constitution.
    J'étais un Pro-iog mais depuis qu'il ordonna ses concierges dits députés pour le changer.
    Je pense que le pays est en ruine moralement et économiquement

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