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  1. Good Afternoon, Friends!

    Posté 4 sept. 2019

    Wow! Djibnet is still online! I have been away for many years. So, I thought my name and my password are no longer working. Fortunately, I tried a few second ago and found it still "valid".
    Djibnet was one of my favourite sites on the Web. In fact, I learned the first basics of writing here and I am grateful for that.
    Life is always good and beautiful when we find such a website in which we can express our feelings with freedom, love and respect.
    I hope some of my old friends are still active and their posts are fruitful.

    Many thanks!
  2. Tomorrow

    Posté 19 mars 2016

    I live today but tomorrow is my true dream> My tomorrow is not a day or a month or even one year. It means a thousand years that will come. I want my kids live in peace. I want them to prosper.
    That is my only dream in this life.
  3. Salut!

    Posté 25 nov. 2014

    How are you doing,friends? It has been ages and I have not say hi though I pay you a visit from time to time.
  4. We Don't Hate Israel!

    Posté 22 juil. 2014

    Islamists try to use the conflict in Gaza to recruit young Djiboutians or Somalis everywhere in the world. This is why we find them posting and reposting some footages on the Net on social medias. They know ,for example, Syrian or Iraqi insurgents have killed thousands of people, innocent people in the name of Islam. They know Muslim extremists kill Muslims in Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria daily without discrimination. But they don't pay any attention to that. They don't make such a fuss on what Islamists are doing in the world.

    When it comes to Palestine and Israel, it is their favourite agenda to shout, scream, wail and preach hatred towards Jewish people wherever they are!
    We, Djiboutians, do not hate Jews. They are human beings like any other people in the world. They have the right to defend themselves. And the Palestinians have the right also to live in peace.
  5. Glory To Our Soldiers!

    Posté 22 mars 2014

    "Take the fight to their backyard before they come to yours" is a statement that I like more than anything else when it comes to confronting evil. To fight your enemy in his own den is truly an act of bravery and that is why the world is chasing those monsters in Somalia before they breed more evil in this region.
    Our soldiers died to defend us, to defend East Africa, to defend the whole world. They died to give us life. They died to give us freedom. They died to give us hope in the future.

    Glory to them and to those brave men from Africa and from around the Globe to help Somalia recover from decades of darkness, death and dispair.

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    saxarla Icône

    25 avril 2012 - 20:20
    King(1) n'a pas encore de commentaires comment sefaise ??
    Boqorkii quruxdow ,gelinwalba ,goorwalbal cishawalba warkaga,aragaaga maqalkaga waan ubahahee kuu mee....
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