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  1. Dans le sujet : Qu'est -il Arrivé Aux Djiboutiens De La Hollande??

    Posté 14 sept. 2005

    U are a bitch from Q3, ur loath Djibouti and it pretty obvious in djibnet and u are the "megere " in here. U been called and I second that. At least, people from Damerjoog have dignity, principle and integrity which u don't know the meaning of it.

    What can possibly a whore and a copycat can tell me. Nothing. I don't waste my time on people like you.
    Ignorance is bliss B)
  2. Dans le sujet : Qu'est -il Arrivé Aux Djiboutiens De La Hollande??

    Posté 14 sept. 2005

    Desole, ma chere desaxee but u all of people
    In this forum, u are famous for bring all the bad stuff about djibouti. U Enjoy bad mouthing and destroying the image of Djibouti. Tell me where do u think that u are better than me or can tell me no to insult a Country. Sorry but u have absolutely nothing to say to me ;)
    At least, I am not insulting my country like u do. When did the west appoint u to be their laywer cos I am the sollicitor of Africa :o
    16000 of Britons are emigrating around the world each year and leaving London for the refugee. They don't get offended when u tell them that their city is dirty. They have the answer, the immigrant did that to our city B)


    Vous parlez de pays et des coins dont vous avez jamais mis les pieds , vous insultez des populations entieres parceque un copain/copine vous as fait une confidence sur les conditions d'hygiene: les rues sont sales a Londres, Les somalis de Hollande sont des drogues, aux USA ils vivent dans des trous a rat.....

    You are so ridiculous Lily, Lola and Co, You seem like desperate somali housewives who have nothing else to do than gossiping and generalising about somali people in the WEST.

    You know the funny part, you don't need to go all the way to North America to see those situations, you go to a see a poor djiboutian family in Balbala and you have people chewing khat in dirty places and  8 persons living in one room.
  3. Dans le sujet : Qu'est -il Arrivé Aux Djiboutiens De La Hollande??

    Posté 12 sept. 2005

    Hi! simodi
    Thanks bro

    Senorita Lola!
    I like Star Bucks too sis and is great when u want to wake up.Thanks for the compliment. ;)
    ciao guys
  4. Dans le sujet : Qu'est -il Arrivé Aux Djiboutiens De La Hollande??

    Posté 5 sept. 2005

    Hi! simodi
    I am not trying to hurt somebody and I apologize if I did. I have seen it with my very own eyes that some djiboutians are educated and Works fo the government and some for private co etc. I liked it Tim Horton "english toffee: :lol: and chocolate croissant.DOn't worry, I liked it there and I am moving to Ca ;)
    My sincere apology for djibs in Ca ;)
  5. Dans le sujet : Urgent

    Posté 29 juil. 2005

    le-patrouilleur, le Thursday 28 July 2005, 13:15, dit :

    TO:  LILY

    most of them at r some french birds talk about when they gonna join their husbands and what to  do if that if this it's rubbish.
    Voir le message

    Most of them are french and preparing themselve going to our country which is weird ;)
    But last month, there was a djibman inviting djibpeople that live in Paris to come to the party for the 27 juin. She could go there and put here info. May be he will be helpful. It depends of what she is looking for.

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