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  1. Does Love Exist

    Posté 24 mars 2005

    [SIZE=7]Hello! everyone
    Firstly, I am looking for love and Mr Right in djiboutien men. I do believe that love exist and that there is someone special out there for all of us. I am looking for an educated, intelligent djiboutien man that love to have an equal partner( such as a lover, partner and friend etc...).

    He has to be smart and assertive. Like to communicate and share almost everything and keep things in the open. Tell each other the honest truth even if it hurt. It will heal without a scar. He has to be a guy who take good care of himself physically and smell nice.(Doesn't smoke or drink or even munch khat).

    Over all he has to be a gentleman.I believe that u get back all the good deeds that u give and I will give him back everything.

    Secondly, he has to be between (29-35 yrs old) and height (175-180) and he has to be build with a beautiful body and eyes to kill and lips to die for . IF u are the one, I am thrill to hear from u.

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