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  1. Dans le sujet : Sida Prévention

    Posté 16 mai 2005

    peach, le Sunday 15 May 2005, 9:15, dit :


    Le distributeur de préservatif fait son entrée, installé déjà dans Shell, Total, Coubech, on parle même de l'installer dans les super marchés, les maison de jeunes....peut être le lycée suivra..

    Que pensez vous de cette initiative?
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    Hola! everyone
    I absolutely think that is a great idea. U know is better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Dans le sujet : Qui Souhaiter Vous Comme Futur President

    Posté 11 mai 2005

    [/QUOTE]i have just said,that in democratie any citizen of djibouti can represent himself to be elected it as president.
    and if God has decide it that the next president should be an Arabe,then it will be.
    and those who are againts to it can always speak loud.
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    Hola! todos
    Firstly, africa is a sinking boat and it takes two steps backward when the rest of the world move forward every single day.

    My point is that there's not democrary in whole Africa from North to west, East to west...... I don't believe a second that the so call President of Djibouti was elected by the people of garbage........We are under a Dictatorship and the word Democracy doesn't exist and is not part their vocabulary.

    How can u have an election, when u don't have an opponent. Where are the opposition, I am sure that they don't want to visit the small room with the four wall .

    Who's going to speak out loud for SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T EXIST.......Hasta la vista
  3. Dans le sujet : Qui Souhaiter Vous Comme Futur President

    Posté 10 mai 2005

    what about if an Arabe born in djibouti,present himself to be the next president of Djibouti. will you be againts to it?
    if yes. then i know you are one of the stupide tribes existing in djibouti,and making life difficult for the existance of the people of Djibouti :angry:
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    Hola! everybody
    I am not going to insult ur intelligence any farther but of course I will say yes. Cos is a free world and everyone is entitle to their opinion and choices in life.

    Just hypothetically how do u know all those tribes ...........did u sample them and know each one of them.........I doubt it...........hasta la vista
  4. Dans le sujet : Qui Souhaiter Vous Comme Futur President

    Posté 9 mai 2005

    Hola! Everyone
    Correct me if I am wrong but are u suggesting that we should have a Arabe president in order to see that djibouti is a democratie country?

    1) what don't u convince people and give them a good reason why an Arabe has be a President in Djibouti. Cos I know all the reasons that he shouldn't be.........

    If I answer, I would say to u Hell no.........? An arabe will never be a President in Djibouti. In case that u haven't notice. We are a african nation and Arabes are better off in Asia et middle east..........Yeah they are some arabes in Africa. Do u think that for instance, Egypt will let a Black man to become a President of Egypt to succeed Mubarak..........I doubt it................Hasta la vista
  5. Dans le sujet : Les Caprices De Maiam Khaireh

    Posté 4 mai 2005

    Hola! Hermanas & hermanos

    Quel tal senorita Lola!

    Por supuesto soy periodista en la noche. Mi trabajo del dia es azafata........Hasta la vista

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