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  1. Dans le sujet : Djib Naura Pas Delectricite Ds Le Mois A Venir

    Posté 28 juil. 2006


    Si les djiboutiens vivent dans cet etat de chose, bin c'est leur faute puiqu'ils n'y a pas d'autres responsables.

    It's far from the truth, it's not their fault , they don't have that much of a choice. EDD is the only supplier :((
  2. Dans le sujet : Je Demande Conseil

    Posté 27 juil. 2006

    Voir le message agentlo, le Wednesday 26 July 2006, 4:28, dit :

    Salam je parlais de l'ONU ki ne sert a rien du tout. Lorske je dis moi je parle des pays africains ke ne payent ps l'ONU et mon frere veut dire les Pays Musulmans ki payent et ki ne sont ps defendu par l'ONU.

    UN==== Human garbage, don't keep their words, play the game along with the USA.....We all have seeing the meetings for ceasefire in Roma, Italy........Rice was there with her Veto and her body language is betraying her, she was uncomfortable and knows that her message is Wrong :angry:

    Don't need to be angry or blame USA or UN..............Lebanese are peculiar can the Lebanese Gov just watch its people killed and country destroyed by Israel and USA every single day :blink: ..........U play fire with fire! ;) .....U don't wait to be killed!

    I believe that everybody has the right to defend themselves and country till the last mankind is standing! B)

    Arabs are paying the UN for friendship and other crap but not for security for their own ppl!
  3. Dans le sujet : Djib Naura Pas Delectricite Ds Le Mois A Venir

    Posté 25 juil. 2006

    Voir le message idro, le Thursday 20 July 2006, 19:27, dit :

    D'après une information très sérieuse, IOG va virer Djama Ali gueleh de son poste de directeur de l'edd.

    Djama inherite the place :lol: ..........However, they tried in the past to kick him out and didn't work...... Are we sure that isn't IOG that will be Fired instead and Khadra will stay put and Djama moving in Haramous for a better position......Future President of Djibouti :lol: the one and only Mr Djama Ali Gueleh :P
  4. Dans le sujet : Des Projets

    Posté 25 juil. 2006

    Voir le message Balou, le Monday 17 July 2006, 15:47, dit :

    il te suffit d avoir une personne comme LOLA pour te faire oublier tous le drama que tu endure. why dont u make up with her... she will duly bring u back to life..after a while u can come to ur sense and find ur own way..lool

    Hard case to crack is back :lol: ...........Good to see too Balou :P
  5. Dans le sujet : La Fin Du Monde

    Posté 25 juil. 2006

    The middle-East haven't alter a thing!.........The USA has change the tactic and Israeli is doing the dirty work as usual for the USA...........Arabs are still Arabs.......Useless :angry:

    Once burned, Twice stupid!

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