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  1. Dans le sujet : Smart Arab Vs Dumb American

    Posté 7 avril 2005

    sure i will let it go, but i don't like when people who don't even know me start telling me what to do ;) that is it for me anyway so good bye everyone!!!! ! :) and good luck!!!!! !! :)
  2. Dans le sujet : Smart Arab Vs Dumb American

    Posté 7 avril 2005

    no thanks B) why do i need your charity for?we are simply talking here and no one need charity in here..we all here to talk about our defferent and how we see thing in our own way,just because i don't agree with wallen don't mean i have to leave or need charity! it just mean i disagree!just because everyone is in wallen side don't mean i will be too no i'am one hundred percant beyond my point of view...but thank you for waving your indulgence ;)
  3. Dans le sujet : Smart Arab Vs Dumb American

    Posté 6 avril 2005

    you don't tell me what to do mc jean gab1!let me tell you something it does not matter how long you have been a member or what ever,we are all here to speak our mind that is what the forum is all about so keep your nonsence words out of my way.we are here to talk about what is gowing on,so if you don't have something to talk about don't talk to me at all and i belive that me and wallen have our defferent point of view of things and that is the resson why we are all here not to agree all the time we have to disagree sometime.... B)
  4. Dans le sujet : Smart Arab Vs Dumb American

    Posté 6 avril 2005

    hi wallen,what! life love does not make any sence,but to get a life sweetheart does ok now about angelo do you know him/her personaly or what? because you too look like pretty cozy to me.well he/she better back up off me,that is all i have to say about him/her.and why do you care about my english as long you undustand what i'am saying ;) ,and by the way you must be an english teacher for spell proof and also i have enough english to go by and to hold a job for 6 years now :). and you talking about the fish my whole family does not like him at all. :)

    ''so let us just be fair to averyone no matter how bad they are......''

    bye wallen......
  5. Dans le sujet : Who Should I Give My Love To?

    Posté 5 avril 2005

    :) that is so true and it is a beautiful poem mujahida :)...........

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