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  1. Leila: The Lost Beauty

    Posté 22 nov. 2005

    here is a short is just the begining..what do you think!!

    She barely slept yesterday night or not at all. Her mind was busied by thoughts full of stress and anxiety of what tomorrow would bring. She never had this kind of feeling in her entire life. Since she finished her last exam paper two weeks ago, a mixture of bright future coupled with an uncertainty of an eventual failure in her exam have changed her attitude. It is June 199…, in the midst of what we call summer. It is hotter for not saying it is hot. Sometimes the temperature would reach 38, 40 or even 40+. It is the period of the year you curse nature...the time you hate or regret being born in this part of the world for some reasons related to whether conditions…forget about other countless difficulties that normal people of this bled face in their daily life.

    Tomorrow, 26th of June is a great day for the Soueif Hamoudi family. Leila Soueif Hamoudi,the love of their hearts, the first daughter, the queen of the household, the light of their eyes will finally get her A level result after thirteen years of study…making it through would be the key..the gateway to further her invade the world of become someone as she always if she was nothing right now..when God the Almighty has bestowed on her an unprecedented beauty..from one of the noblest family enjoying endless decent life.

    She was the first dauther of two cousins..yes her parents were two cousins..close relatives…. same family yet they married each other.
    Mr or sayed Soueif Hamoudi a civil engineer with a noble of the most influential in the ruling circle has become a loyal and trusted intellectual of some of the outstanding political leaders including the president.
    Twenty years ago, tradition obliges, he married his cousin from the mother side Miss Nabila Siraj and thus formed a happy family.

    It was a ritual tradition for the Hamoudi family to gather every morning and eat together the break fast. The head of the house, sayeed Soueif Hamoudi was very happy and delighted. What a blessing to see all his kids grown up now. it is indeed an achievement he thought. Leila the eldest was almost twenty years old, Mahfouz, the only son was following the footsteps of his sister, two years from now he will get his A level certificate. The youngest daughter Zeinab was still the baby of the family, at the age of fourteen tough she considered herself a grown up girl and showed all the traits and physical appearance of a womanhood.
    “Umou Leila” says Sayeed Soueif Hamoudi addressing his wife: “It is hard to believe time is running her schooling was like yesterday...and now she is waiting for her A level result...what a crazy world”.
    Answering politely her master and teasing him at the same time, Umou Leila says: “well sir we are getting older and older and our kids are replacing us.We can not run away from time”. She knew that he was uncomfortable with this idea of getting old. He always considered himself as a young man till the day his hair turned white. Still he showed the attitudes and behaviors of a young man...and whenever time was mentioned a feeling of skepticism and worry invaded him.

    When he left for his work this morning, he promised his daughter Leila that he will bring back some good news regarding her exam. Do not worry too much my darling he said and please do not go to your school is too hot and too crowded. I will call the deputy secretary of the ministry of education to get your result. I am sure you passed”
    He kissed her and left. She believed in herself and was conscious of the unprecedented efforts she has put. She worked hard .studied day and night, memorized chapters after chapters yet she was worrying too much for she was uncertain of what future holds for her.
    Whether you have spent nights without sleep or barely prepared yourself for the exam. No one was safe. There were students among the best...fellows nicknamed Einstein, Descartes, genius indeed who kept on failing year after year despite their excellent academic performance. There were others who never lifted a finger, never studied, and seldom attended classes whom their success during the final examination was not at all controversial. Reality has turned things upside down. nothing is impossible in this part of the world …a genius can end up being a looser while someone who doubt to spell his name correctly can prove a sudden skills by scoring an A for some reasons not known to anyone.

    She kept on calling her father’s office to know her result for she was anxious in waiting. Yes there is nothing stressful and unfortunate in waiting your faith especially when your future depends on it.
    “Hello, Mr Soueif Hamoudi’s office can I help you” his personal secretary answered the phone.
    ‘Good morning, is it Miss Fatouma”??
    “Yes indeed, who is on the line please”?
    “Leila Soueif Hamoudi I would like to talk to my father”
    “Ohh sorry Leila, he just left for the ministry of education he won’t be back till twelve I will inform him that you called’ anything urgent?
    “No thanks I was expecting my result”
    She hanged the phone, her heart still beating. Are you going to fail..Ohh no no God forbid such misfortunes. I have worked hard. Are you going to pass, if yes with what grade? Thousand of illusion took hostage of her mind.
    It was quiet common for Leila whenever she was subject to such delusion and misapprehension to turn to and seek refuge to someone else..not everyone though.her mother Nabila was the only trusted whom she could share the ups and downs of her secrets…it was indeed the right time to get consolation from her.

    Laying on her bed, she hears her mother calling her name…..”Leila are you doing well in there” please darling don’t bother yourself, stop worrying and being pessimist, I am sure your will pass..Honey no one in this whole city has worked hard as much as you. Today is your day. Believe me my light.

    It goes without saying that such kind words comforted her, that was all she needed for the time being. Yes she was in dire need of someone who can side with her, who can remove and fight back these worrying, nervousness and edginess that assaulted her peace of mind.
    Noon past half Sayeed Soueif Hamoudi brought back the good news that everyone waited for so long. Leila had made it. She passed the exam. Not only pass but she was the number one, the first student, she outperformed each and everyone else in her entire department. which means she will, by any means, be eligible to any kind of rewards that will probably be given to some of the best scorers. As usual she can get a free scholarship from the ministry of education to further her study. That was what she ever dreamt of. It was a huge victory for the Hamoudi family. They were at last experiencing the end result, the fruits of a long patience, hard work and perseverance.

    No one was as happier as Leila. She tried her best. She earned for sure every single point of this achievement. She was overcome by a sense of pride, conceit and delight. The gloomy face she had showed for the past few days had turned bright. Her smile and beauty have been rejuvenated and indeed her gorgeousness has returned in full.

    A sense of arrogance emerged in her; a dream of being superior has taken shape in her mind. She totally changed now that she is a candidate for university level. She started fantasizing in what she really wants to do for her undergraduate. Ideas begun to float in her very brain. Various choices were open for her. she could be a lawyer if she wanted. She can also opt for economic and management sciences or be an expert in accounting and so and so options were wide open. It was just a question of where and when.

    Few weeks later, good news followed good news. One Monday morning, the deputy secretary of the ministry of education informed Sayeed Soueif Hamoudi that his daughter Leila has been short listed as being among a dozen of students who will be going to a country where no government sponsored student had been sent to so far. Yes Leila would decide to further her study in “Wonderland” a foreign country she never dreamt of. As every other student, in all her life she has been obsessed in going to France the former colony. She behaved like a French woman. She almost forgot her mother tongue in expense of a French language she deeply fall in love. All and all places and cities like Paris, Lyon, Montpellier ECT….were so far her residence to be.

    She was facing a dilemma: getting scholarship from the government and flying to “Wonderland”and/or giving up the whole idea and spending her father’s money in her beloved France.
    Her mother would say: “Leila there is nothing wrong in going to Wonderland. You are not deserve this chance please do not turn it down.”
    Trying to convince her mother, she replied with her ever lasting protest:” but mom …do you have any idea where wonderland is? How people live there!! The economic conditions ect…….”
    “My darling how am I suppose to know all that...when I never had the chance to complete my secondary school….after all they say it is a Muslim country and as a mother that is all that matters for me”
    Other family members joined the conversation. Some promoting this new wonderland that has became the faith of Leila, others keeping the skepticism out of worry for the poor girl.
    Wonderland was a Muslim country. A place where there was neither winter nor summer. Neither snow nor heat. A country where all was green. The weather never changed in the entire year. Politically stable...Economically strong with one the fastest growth rate.
    More so the official language will be so beneficial for Leila. She will discover a new way of life. All and all it will be an unprecedented experience for a member of the Soueif Hamoudi family.
    They all agreed that Leila should accept this opportunity for it is not easy to get another chance especially from the ministry of education.
    Though not really what she wanted, she accepted her parent’s decision. She had decided to travel to wonderland. Despite her sometimes sharp tongue …she always been obedient to her father and mother.
    Every one agreed that Leila is traveling …the question of “where” has been answered. But the question of “when” was still pending.
  2. Daf What A Childish Opposition Leader

    Posté 30 mai 2005

    It is very disappointing ,horrible and disgusting when you read articles writen by our so called opposition leaders.

    To make myself clear please refer to the article by the title of : LE COMMUNIQUE DE LA PEUR..le renouveau numero:553 from

    Is it an exageration or this is what a president wanna be writes in his official newspaper..?

    Shame ..humiliation to himself that is all i can say.

    I think if we djiboutians want to go forward we need people ..opposition leaders

    for instance who stand for a prinple..who are mature ,mindfull, who control and

    analyze what they say and write..

    This fellow (Daf) i regreat to say is either childish or out of his mind..Can't lead a nation for God sake.
  3. Meme Loin Je Peur..

    Posté 27 mars 2005

    I used to be a fun of waberi's writing ....i started reading the work of our only writer since back early 90s when he has published (cahier nomade et le pays sans sombre) was kind of proud for me and i ussually assisted several times le temps de livre.
    that was back....and the past..

    i was surprised when i red an article by the title of " meme loin jai peur" publisehd in the newspaper" l'humanite"..

    For bad our writer has lost his is a ultimate dishonor when you read such a negative opinion from someone who suposed to be a role model for the new generation..

    I do agree and support some of the issues he has highlighted ..we do have problem in djibouti..poverty, corruption and so on..but he went making evil-like description of our system of education...he humuliated his fellow teachers..those who by any means are helping our boys and girls back home..

    Critizicing is good but evelizing is an ultimate sin..specially from someone who is enjoying his life in normandie.

    "Meme loin j ai peur" what a interesting exp​ression....i don't think IOG and his regime will want waberi to shade a tear...why for god sake....c'est du delire..ou une facon de se faire remarquer..
  4. Djibouti: Entre Assasinat Et Strategie

    Posté 18 avril 2004

    La republique de Djibouti dit merde a la france qui n arrete de tourner autour

    de la mort du juge Bernard Borel en 1995 pour intimider la position et la politique iogienne.

    A l'aube du 21 eme siecle la france accumule une perte de confiance de ses

    anciens colonies...ou de ceux qui jadis partageaient la langue de Moliere.

    Y a kelke semaines lors de la commemoration du 10e anniversaire du genocide

    rwandais de 94 delegation du quai d orsey pliait ses bagages .se sentant

    humilier par le discours de stage de la paix de KIgali.

    Meme chose pour la cote d ivoire la cherie de la france d'hier qui s enlise dans le

    K.A.O beaucoup d ivoirien accusent la main mise de la france dans le probleme actuel .

    Au senegal ou la premiere dame est francaise les relations dites politique ne font

    plus dans le bon sens..arrestation des journalistes de la Rfi..emprisonement d

    autres pro...hexagone..bref..un refus et rejet de la cause francaise..

    Ceci N'etant qu'un appercu de la politique ses causes et effets..

    revenons a ce qui nous interesse .

    Apres avoir lu le communique de la presidence djiboutiene ,l 'article de l AFP et l

    emission de semble que la tension tend vers le negative.

    La politique de son excellence Ismail Omar guelleh ne donne plus la moindre

    chance a la tutelle jadis respectee de la france.

    On est bien a l'aise avec d autres grands maitres du monde comtemporain que

    nous partageons des valeurs communes..c'est ce que dit le communique..

    Nous n'accepterons en aucn cas l interference , le seul objectif aveugle de la

    france qui n est rien d autre que la destabilisation totale de tout un pays.

    On ne sera jamais un pays concu,developee et derange..par la france .

    Le peuple djiboutien ne sera jamais le produit d'une strategie mal menee..a

    connotation francaise reusi dans beaucoups d autres pays de l afrique..ou le

    resultat s'avere honteux entraînant un lot de souffrances indicibles et de misères


    Certes il semble logique que la politique francaise a des fins bien determines pour soi et par soi.

    Cela dit qu'on il est question d'un Etat souverain et d' un peuple independant s'unir

    contre les allegations de l autre me semble primordial..

    Hell and a bas la politique francaise

    Vive la republique de Djibouti
    vive le peuple djiboutien

    A tres bientot...
  5. Does It Work?

    Posté 24 déc. 2003

    last week when i was attending a conference talking about the fast food restaurant

    located all over the world it has been shown that few are in africa.

    i was the only african in the seminar and been asked my opinion about this .

    and if it will be posible to those business men of mac'donald or kfc to open up such

    restaurants in djibouti with my contribution of course.

    dont you think is a good idea!!! a pure competition between haricot maanleh, 22

    et d autres big restaurant in djibouti!!! just kiding!!!

    i would like to get your suggestions and opinions as well...

    je crois que vous allez contribuer a ma demande d information.

    allez a vous!!

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