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  1. Dans le sujet : Djibouti Chosen By Un As Top Country In Which To Live

    Posté 12 nov. 2007

    somali psycho
    nice joke
    but post some jokes abt soudanese
    maybe members of this forum will lauch more
  2. Dans le sujet : Abdourahman A. Waberi

    Posté 10 déc. 2005

    Jai connu les oeuvres de waberi ya kelkes annees..jai aime "moisons des cranes" des textes sur le genocide de rwanda qui touchent serieux..."le pays sans ombres" n etait pas mal aussi....jusqu a la j etais optimiste
    sur les ecrits de notre seul writer.

    ilya deux annees jai lu son dernier livre" transit" la il melange tout..pour ne pas dire il deconne.
    Rien que le style du livre vous decourage pire encore le vocabulaire et les interpretations des faits...

    bien k il soit le seul ecrivain du pays du chamelier .i would rather say.Waberi is not safe from critics..
    puisque nous n avons pas un V.S Naipul, une Nadine Gordimer,un Naguib Mahfouz,salman rushdie or Chunua Achebe je pense qu'ont doit etre fier de son travail..

    Biensur que les portes sont ouvertes pour une desaxee qui dit k il n a pas encore trouve le formule de lui passer la formule magique...( i assume she is a member of jury expert in literature)....

    But i am looking forward to read his latest novel coming up on january: the united states of africa (les etats unis d afrique).....

  3. Dans le sujet : Leila: The Lost Beauty

    Posté 23 nov. 2005

    Well!!! thank you all for you comment
    It was not a story dedicated to win the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2006 (lollll)..

    Desaxee my writing skills is quiet poor ..but i am not a man in his early forties who has allowed one identity after another to be thrust upon him, as if he could truly know himself by becoming what others imagine him to be.
    i am just writing ideas here and there and looking forward to improve myself...

    Sir AZRAF my french is not that beautiful ...maybe Mr djib-extremist will help you out......

  4. Dans le sujet : Le Vrai Topic Inutile De La Journee

    Posté 6 sept. 2005

    Mister Balou is becoming wise that is a good sign.

    he is now talking about useful and arguable discusion as if he got one when in fact he is unable to write down his very thinking.

    I wonder if your speaking is as bad as your writing ...You got a very big problem in you my friend.

    Who to bleme??? certaintly not this forum for this place is not a center for higher learning.

    Wake up balou ..get out and learn something ..equip yourself so that you can compete in this forum...for competition is your very perception of this forum.

    take this as a not ever get angry...

    sincerly yours.....
  5. Dans le sujet : Le Vrai Topic Inutile De La Journee

    Posté 5 sept. 2005

    Balou you are not answering my question..

    Put your fingers on your keyboard and write something i can understand at least.
    i can outsee you are having difficulties to express your feeling for your way of writing is wide-witness.

    your are quoting some "proverbes" or "friends-saying" which are absolutely irrelevant in our discusions. unfortunelty you think you are adding value to your wounded arguments but not at all in fact it is getting worse.

    You will never give meaning to your message..unless you get rid of your anger.
    i have to repeat it again do not get angry when you are answering my post for it will be tough to balance your mind and hands when writing.

    your insult well i do not mind even ladies in this forum just read your no sense stuffs without a single reply....a very good sign of who you really are.

    sincerly yours....

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