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  1. Dans le sujet : Photos Sur Djibouti

    Posté 11 août 2012

    Voir le message thorgal, le 15 juillet 2012 - 08:16 , dit :

    En Français si tu veux bie je ne comprends toujours pas le somali....
    Merci .

    She is thanking you, just as I am doing here by re-earthing this old thread.
  2. Dans le sujet : Des Jo De Sydney Aux Jo De Londres

    Posté 11 août 2012

    Great Athlete, but he's got next to no chance against people with Season's Best of 12.48/12.49. Those times were ran only weeks ago, and the likes of Isaiah Koech, Gebremeskel, Gebremehdin and Longosiwa will be tough to beat. Even Lagat is still around with a chance to further the USA medal tally. Mo will probably need to run another PB to get the double.

    PS: gutted for Dibaba. The Baby Face Destroyer seemed just short of her best, this could have been a historic double double. For many events though, the London games are a renaissance of sorts for the likes of Sanchez (won the 400m hurdles with the same time he won it back in Athens) and Defar who just reclaimed the 5000m title she won 8 years ago. Even Justin Gatlin surprised with his bronze.

    I have a question for you: do you think those who commit drug offences should be allowed back into the games? I am thinking of Gatlin, and Cakir, the turkish 1500m gold medallist. I mean, once a cheat always a cheat, right? They could be using some form of doping which can't be tested and none would be the wiser.

    On another note, have you seen how the american swimming coach was very quick (too quick if you ask me) to shout foul play after witnessing that Chinese teenager swim faster than Lochte in some part of her 400m medley? Isn't that just bad loser talk.
  3. Dans le sujet : Des Jo De Sydney Aux Jo De Londres

    Posté 4 août 2012

    Wooooooooooooo... Told you in the 10000m Mo had NO decent challenger
  4. Dans le sujet : Des Jo De Sydney Aux Jo De Londres

    Posté 4 août 2012

    Tadese is a pacemaker of sorts. I mean, back in 2009, he destroyed the field by applying tremendous pressure at the front only to be overtaken by Kenenisa on the last lap. he has done that again and again. He's been trying to move to marathon over the past few years. Imho Tadese is not a danger. That said, I could be stood corrected in the next 20min. :)
  5. Dans le sujet : Des Jo De Sydney Aux Jo De Londres

    Posté 4 août 2012

    Voir le message hodqa, le 28 juillet 2012 - 12:32 , dit :

    La plus grande chance de medaille c 'est mo farah aux 5000 metres
    Le triomphe de bekele n 'est plus ineluctable .

    bekele n'a pas la forme de ses grand jours. Et puis le 5000m n'est pas la meilleur chance de Mo, il est mieux place aux 10000. Le 5000, avec les mecs comme Lagat, Gebremeskel (world lead) et Gebrehiwet (junior world record, et en cette occasion il y a a peu pres un mois, a Paris, 6 athletes ont couru en moins de 12.50: fait historique). les kenyans Soi, Longosiwa et surtout Isaiah Koech sont dangereux, mais la plus grande menace a Mo sera surement Gebremeskel.
    Aux 10000 par contre, Mo n'a pas tellement d'adversaire digne de ce nom, a moins que Bekele se reveille.

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