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Sujets que j'ai initié

  1. Rest In Peace

    Posté 14 nov. 2015

    Like many innocents victims you died under the hand of brutal and savages people.
    Rest in peace beautiful souls.

    Image IPB
  2. Interessant

    Posté 5 nov. 2015

    Asalam toutes et tous

    Bonne ecoute!
  3. Dieudonne Spectacle Complet 2015

    Posté 5 nov. 2015

    Une video de Dieudonne.
  4. Une Video D'une Djiboutienne

    Posté 21 oct. 2015

    Asalam toutes tous.

    je partage cette video d'une Djiboutienne qui fait beaucoup a Londres.
    Bonne Ecoute!
  5. Social Justice

    Posté 14 sept. 2015

    “Social Justice”, what does it mean?
    « pro bono publico »

    Aristotle, who is the main author of this conception (Justice), says, “Injustice arises when equals are treated unequally, and also when unequals are treated equally”

    You often hear people talking about the importance of social justice, but what is meant by it? Let’s focus on overall idea of social justice while providing examples to explain just what it is.
    Imagine that you have been selected to help design a new society. I know, it sounds a bit silly. What would be your first priority?
    I guess you would think about the followings:
    • You'd make sure that there were laws for citizens to follow so that people were not wronged by other individuals.
    • May be you would use much of the same legal inspiration: namely the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
    • You'd also make sure that there were schools and hospitals for people who needed education or healthcare.
    • You'd probably also make sure that there were plenty of places of worship, so people who were religious felt at home.
    What Is Social Justice?
    Social justice is "justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society" Wikepedia
    A definition:
    Social Justice is about making society function better – providing the support and tools to help turn lives around. Social justice when applied reduces stress and transforms life in good. It can evolve; to make it simple around this:
    • Fair redistribution of resources
    • Equal access to opportunities and rights
    • Fair system of law and due process
    • Ability to take up opportunities and exercise rights
    • Protection of vulnerable and disadvantaged people
    • Inclusion Vs Exclusion
    • Moral responsibility towards others and the Country
    • Supporting families with young and adolescents
    • Relationship in quality and Stability
    • Reducing efficiently Poverty
    • Creating harmony

    Let’s take a close look.
    Can we talk about social justice in Djibouti?
    • Are we (Men and Women) all equals in front of the law?
    • Do we treat one another equally?
    • Is there some thinking more Djiboutian than others? Even when joking?
    • Do we stand the same chance in finding a job?
    • Are we all in the same boat or are there some with secure seat belts?
    • Are we in harmony?
    My recommendations:
    • Let’s agree on what we need to update
    • Study carefully the procedures and process
    • Deepening our knowledge on social inclusion and social justice through Education
    • And finally please get involved in bettering the Society.
    • Do not shy away!

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