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  1. Ciid Wanaagsan

    Posté 11 sept. 2016

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  2. Rtd Openly Fosters Tribalism

    Posté 29 août 2016

    If you have not already aware of, the absolute power without slightest checks and balances that is at work in House of Haid, take a look the attached video clip that have gone viral if you have not already seen it, Djib Enterprise current minister of education and the news Prodcaster indulges Djib gypsy or travellers (DOOLO DABADHEER).
    In comparison, Chief of Djibouti Enterprise Piggy massacred the poor native Djiboutian and he called them Pashtun and dispensable.
    Have your say except T---gal!!
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  3. Ta Allay Ugudhay

    Posté 20 mai 2016

    https://www. youtube....h?v=gcFNZvO32P0
  4. Boko A Rats And Its Western Allies

    Posté 27 févr. 2016

    There are two French terrorists who were arrested at the Brickyard with explosives.
    A helicopter was intercepted in northern Cameroon depositing arms, ammunition and dollars.
    Image IPB
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  5. Who Rules The Country?

    Posté 10 janv. 2016

    The leader of the 50% plus the population of Djib.
    The greatest institution that produces the biggest rallies for Djibouti Enterprise
    More than three-quarter of so-called ...... current participant
    Who is that undisputed leader of the 50% plus?!
    Piggy wouldn't have to fight with his claws, if he hands down the power to that person! No need for him to worry about the CENI.
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