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  1. Dans le sujet : Mort De Mohamed Ahmed, Dit Jabha

    Posté 6 nov. 2017

    Voir le message thorgal, le 06 August 2017 - 03:04 PM, dit :

    Djibouti: mort de l'opposant Mohamed Ahmed, dit Jabha. a-mohamed-ahmed

    Biggy started his career of torturing, killing and assassinating his uncle's opponents from Maison Christoph, way before he has secured his current position President-For-Life, operating with impunity to eliminate anybody he sees a threat to his position or interest is part of norm, one such a victim that T---gal may relate to is Judge bordel
  2. Dans le sujet : Slt Les Djibnautes

    Posté 6 nov. 2017

    Voir le message hassan med, le 06 October 2017 - 10:30 AM, dit :

    Tjrs en fragile lol . Ce koi ce vide de forum . Ce toi ki a fait fuir mes amis ahhh😈

    Based on historical anecdote one couldn't agree more.
  3. Dans le sujet : Slt Les Djibnautes

    Posté 3 nov. 2017

    Voir le message hassan med, le 06 October 2017 - 10:30 AM, dit :

    Tjrs en fragile lol . Ce koi ce vide de forum . Ce toi ki a fait fuir mes amis ahhh😈
  4. Dans le sujet : Hollande Acceuille Un Dictateur En Fin De Carriã¨re

    Posté 6 mars 2017

    What Hollande and Piggy are in common? …Well, they both have single digit popularity in their respective countries.
    It obvious that Piggy is taking a huge advantage over ever isolated pour Holland to have his 15 minute fame and shine in spot light of Elysee.
    Unlike Holland that his days are numbered, the European establishment classes are now thinking of curbing "big boys" of Africa such as our own Piggy in order to stem exodus and fight for their survival.
    Angela Merkel was in Mali in Oct., 2016, talking about what Germany can do to stop people leaving. And Chad's Deby came to Berlin to talk about the same thing.
  5. Dans le sujet : Bonne Annee 2017

    Posté 5 févr. 2017

    Voir le message thorgal, le 04 February 2017 - 01:02 PM, dit :

    L'avantage avec labo c'est qu'il suffit de lui dire "bonjour" ou "bonne annee" pour creer un conflit ou une polemique..
    Ici le paganisme,le christianisme....
    Juste avec une phrase la transforme en conflit eternel...
    :lol: :lol:
    Le ridicule ne tue pas...alors continue d'alimenter ce sujet...qui est bien parti pour t'occuper durant toute l'annee....du calendrier Gregorien bien sur!!!!

    "bonjour" ou "bonne annee" ≭ bonne annee or annee ≭ jour.

    Bonjour seems strange in this kind of media where participants with semi anonymity live a different time zone, perhaps as usual T---gal cannot tell the difference between forum and chat-room, one can clearly see the over use of first and second person singular in his engagement of discussion, it’s impolite to bypass forum participant in which case, he needs to be reminded more often.

    T---gal introduced the word polemic which refers a type of hostile attack on someone's written or verbal ideas. One would ask himself what kind of idea he has introduced to the discussion other than complaint here and there.

    5 down 47 weeks to go.

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