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Messages que j'ai posté

  1. Dans le sujet : Blame It On The Economy Remix

    Posté 18 mai 2009

    Obama and McCain - Dance Off! feature=related

    check this out... its funnier
  2. Dans le sujet : Acheter Une Maison Au Pays, C Est Comment?

    Posté 20 avril 2009

    check out the new haramous city

    http://www.echegypt.... idential04.html
  3. Dans le sujet : Djibouti Documentary

    Posté 5 avril 2009

    Voir le message Dougsiye, le Sunday 5 April 2009, 4:23, dit :

    Well done! An informal documentary and I really liked it. if this was your first , hope next time you will do much better than this. You could make a KHATPROJECT- destroyer of Djiboutian basic life. For instance, compare two people. One is a real life looser-Khatter whose name would be Mr. DHAXFADHI/KHATTER and the other one is a real life successful man whose name would be mr. MAFADHIISTEE/NOKHATTER . Both of them represnt the djiboutien people who chew the khat and the one who does not. In fact, we all know that mr. Khatter is always a looser no matter VS the Nokhatter man. In djibouti where life is so expensive if some one does not eat khat we all know that his life does better what ever his salary he gets. His family do not complain about bills/allowances while the Mr. Khatter has more likely to have a family problem. I could tell this from my own family. I have two brothers;One is a great khatter and the other one does not Khat at all. Both have good jobs with great salaries.However Mr. Khatter always faces depression, family problem and insomnia where Mr. NoKhatter never feels the pain of living in one the highest life expensive countries in the world. Bingo. This could be a movie even if you are good at making films/documentary and you could get more money by producing like these projects.
    Good luck bro. Take care and Bye. :D

    that's an amzing idea bruva... inshalla if i get the opportunity and the funds for it... why not
  4. Dans le sujet : Djibouti Documentary

    Posté 4 avril 2009

    Voir le message une sista, le Sunday 5 April 2009, 0:29, dit :

    Excellent! !! :)
    very positive and well done brother .. I am glad u liked your stay in our beloved homeland
    love the british accent :lol:

    PS: I agree with you when you said in your documentary that a 9-5 job is not an option , there is got to be more to life in my opinion :)

    thanks sis... i don't really think i have a British accent though. as for the 9-5 comment, i'm a firm believer in setting your own path in life and not just accepting things as they are.
  5. Dans le sujet : Djibouti Documentary

    Posté 4 avril 2009

    Voir le message E-{-_-}- Face, le Saturday 4 April 2009, 19:03, dit :

    Is it me or is it a put a prefix "djib" to anything a reer-jabuti put in or..put out for that matter...Examples are many: Djibstar, Djibclean, Djibnet, now Djibproject ...Djib-etc. etc...i mean i am like "OKAYYYY WE GET IT !!" lol

    Mic's Djib-free...looooll

    lool that's funny, i see wot u sayin but the project is called Djibouti First...djibproject is just a username bruv.

    i'm waiting for the one that comes out with djib-djib

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