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Sujets que j'ai initié

  1. Diplomatically Incorrect

    Posté 13 avril 2011

    Mic's...this man has big balls !!!...smh
  2. Speechless

    Posté 11 avril 2011

  3. Motivated

    Posté 6 avril 2011

    Mic's...hum..almost there..almost..
  4. Lionel Messi

    Posté 1 avril 2011

    Mic's...incredible talent
  5. The Past Is Now The Present

    Posté 4 mars 2011

    How sad we keep repeating the same mistakes and are so stubborn to learn from our past and so arrogantly stupid to believe and continuously perpetuate the indoctrination that a fellow human should be oppressed based on race, lack of education, or tribe... :angry:

    Mic's to those who died for freedom and to the many more who sadly will...for you my heroes I salute you

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