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  1. Dans le sujet : Discussion - Conflit Entre Couple

    Posté 4 mai 2011

    ...Looks like another male bashing moment...Waiting to Exhale part 2... ;)

    Mic' Destinee's middle of the road :) ...u should consider career as mediation...u'll make wonders
  2. Dans le sujet : Lionel Messi

    Posté 28 avril 2011

    REAL Madrid 0...Barca 2

    Mic's porque porque no entiendo......loll
  3. Dans le sujet : Salut Les Amis

    Posté 28 avril 2011

    Voir le message PuntlandGeezer, le 28 April 2011 - 12:26 PM, dit :

    nice pick...

    Mic's...Mirkhanization full effect
  4. Dans le sujet : Pour Koi Tand D'obstacle Kon On Veux Se Marié Est Fondé Un Foyer?

    Posté 22 avril 2011

    Voir le message Fluid, le 21 April 2011 - 05:20 PM, dit :

    Offering your blessing is one thing. Providing assistance to their wedding is another thing which is getting on her nerve. But, who is going to provide them once settled and no job to support them?

    Don't worry...they won't come bothering and asking u for money...that's ur biggest fear...right? j/k

    Voir le messageFluid, le 21 April 2011 - 05:20 PM, dit :

    Just saying the same truth that I would have said to my sister before smacking her with a Broom!

    Somenone watches too much Madea here... :lol:

    Mic's...for the fluid barfin' snookie... B)
  5. Dans le sujet : Pour Koi Tand D'obstacle Kon On Veux Se Marié Est Fondé Un Foyer?

    Posté 21 avril 2011

    lol@ everyone's comments...shame on u people who are discouraging that sweet devout girl from doing the Right thing.... :angry:

    To the sis "almulk lila"...u have my blessing...Keep the faith and everything will turn out alright :)

    Mic' the Bride and Groom! =D>

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