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Sujets que j'ai initié

  1. To Man " Mr" Saqiid, Djib_extremiste

    Posté 31 mai 2003

    Je vs prouves une fois de pls ke vs n'etes pas la hauteur de votre tache et peut-etre ke ....vs ne le serez jamais , enfin je m'en tapes car c'est le dernier de mes soucis !!!
    C'est parce ke vs avez "suspendu" nos comptes ke vs comptez vs relaxer preuve I'M STILL HERE !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !
    But don't worry, I'm not here to start troubles ... !
    Remember, I've asked to leave and NEVER COMEBACK if u take care of somali_psycho ( which u did and trust me now u can hope good things 'n here )
    But who says HE'LL NEVER COMEBACK ???
    Je vs laisses le soin de repondre a cette question .

    Je ne vs salue mm pas .

    Mr Saqiid ( God...I can't call u that any more )
    u know...One of the first reason I came 'n here was to have fun and meet good plp with good hearts but guess what ???
    I even found better, not only I've met some greats plp ( Djib_extremiste, Azraf, Correcteur, Johara, My girl SISTA , Aube & I can go on ...) But I met you SAQIID .
    I know it takes a lot of courage to come forward and say sorry , but 'n your case not only u did it but U'VE SAID SORRY FOR SOMETHING U DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO WITH...
    So that's as REAL as it can gets to be a REAL MAN !
    Don' t worry about me , I' ve made that decision to leave and never comeback and I gotta stick with it, beside u know what they say " NIIMAN TALIINE JIRIINE MAARKU TALIYOH, NIIMANE TAGIJIRIINE BAAH TAGAH " but it doesn't mean that we can't have a fun cuz here's my e-mail adress " " and I'll put you 'n my BUDDIES list on my msn instant messenger, we will have fun ALL DAY , EVERYDAY....that's my word !
    Djib_extremiste the same things goes for ya .
    Mr SAQIID ..I SALUTE you !

    To Peach
    Sorry for all the sh*t I said to ya ! Becuz I had to reply to ur provocation.
    Just stay out of troubles ...and u'll be just fine !

    Not last , but least :
    Lolita unstead of givin' me advice " si tu n'aimes pas mes message ne les lis pas "
    Why don't you do the same and stay out of my way if u don't like what I say to psycho...
    And quit to snatch ur UGLY-A** all over the forum, don't u have somethin' else to do ???
    et si t'as un "failbe" pour les BEURS...AQAAL UU KIREHSOY !!!

    Just n case u wanna know who that was's me M.I.C.H.E.L.I.N

    Take a good care of your self ! ;)

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