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  1. Babouin Pas Vu!

    Posté 23 juin 2010

    Ca fail un bail que j'ai pas mis les pieds ici. Il me semble que ca pete la forme comme toujours. Que penser de William Blake quand il ecrit: je suis noir mais blanc dans mon ame? Bonjour bonjour. Y'a un babouin qui est plus ou moins perplexe, car a l'aube du millenaire les cravattes a l'ONU trouvent que la pauvrete recule dans le monde, que les Objectifs du Millenaire ne sont pas loin d'etre atteints et que l'on peut en toute honetete attrapper sa biere, se planter devant la teloche et regarder l'Equipe de France se faire demolir en direct. A djibouti, avez-vous vu passer ne serait-ce que l'ombre de ces Objectifs du Millenaire? "Traffiking" a repris de plus belle depuis l'Afrique du Sud grace a la coupe du monde et est en train d'atteindre des records. Le diable, parait-il, tiendrait les fils qui nous remuent.
  2. Whre Is The Black God?

    Posté 3 avril 2010

    Hi. Tha baboon is a little bored today. It's 4pm and I still got few more hours in this god forsaken job, and I am already so damn bored by everything I brought to read, which included, surprise surprise, Maps (N Farah), "Boudhism, an Introduction" by some bald guy and a three month old New Scientist. Now I tried to find solace in the fact that Djibnet would always provide some entertainment, but, honest to God, I found nothing.
    Where is the black God? I had that question back in the days, when I first started reading about Marcus Garvey, and it occured to me that 90% of the humanity bow to either Allah, Jesus or Yahve (or whatever the jews' God's name was).
    Now, the idea is to forget for a moment that we are all muslims, forget for a moment that we ought to respect the religion and think: why djiboutians feel more for Palestinians than they feel for Ethiopians? How comes we suffer more and feel the pain inflicted to Palestinians, but when we are reminded that right next to us Ethiopians dies in their thousands because of famine, we barely feel a thing? Why? Is it because the Ethiopians (and, for that matter, the Kenyans, the Congolese, the Erytreans, the Rwandese...) are christians and Palestinians happen to be muslim? Whatever happenned to the black nation? Arabs and Jews (and for me these two are the same people: after all, Arabs and Jews stem from the two sons of Abraham) have secured for themselves a place in History: dominion over the rest of Humanity.
    Look at us, worshipping what was imported, forced uppon us by centuries of brainwashing to the extent we don't even know how to say they days of the week in our own languages, and because of it, forgetting that we should feel more for the black guys dying next to us, and leave the rich Arab nations feel for their own people?
    I mean, don't get me wrong, I am not for racism. But when I see Arab leaders building the tallest tours, the most marvellous hotels, wiping their arses with the purest silk while their own get slaughtered a little bit more every day by Israelis or Americans, I don't see why I should feel for them. I have more to deal with, haven't I? After all, djiboutians are suffering, and there are no (believe me on this one) Irakis or a Palestinians or Qataris looking at us they way we look at them and feeling our pain the way we feel theirs.
    Why can't we just wake up and stop being slaves?
  3. Google Wave

    Posté 13 déc. 2009

    Some hype, isn't it? Has Djibnet heard of the Wave?
    Hi People, Tha baboon's back!
  4. Rtd's Website Technical Problems

    Posté 18 oct. 2009

    What the heck is wrong with the RTD's website? Am I the only ONE experiencing problems when I try tp play videos of past TV news podcasted? What about the music? (ridiculously divided in three main groups and it never plays!!)..
    I mean, there must at least a thousand or more djib students who ate all the new web dev technologies, either be php or or something altogether more exotic! Guys who master communications technologies, guys who routinely set up chat servers, who create social networking websites, gurus in SQL Server's Service Broker, database design and management, messages queuing and/or likes, guys who might even be involved in the creation of the all-mighty beautiful brand new Google Wave! Why o why don't they hire one of those geniuses to give the website a new start? Goodness me, it's the national Radio&Television website! You talk of shame!..
  5. Books Of The Moment

    Posté 18 oct. 2009

    The Poincare Conjecture, by Donal O'shea. I found a paperback in recycled paper in the quite peculiar bookshop at the corner of my street. I just can't put the book down at the moment. What are your companions during this shifty first half of the autumn?

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